How to Get Over Your Fear of Sales

Gain Confidence to Sell and Promote your Products and Services

What you will learn

How to identify sales anxiety

How to overcome fear of selling

This course will demonstrate that sales is a vital part of any business or profession

How to learn from your failures


No matter what business you’re in, selling is the key to success. You can have the greatest products, services, or business idea in the world but your lack of confidence in yourself and the company you represent will hold you back from the success that you want.

In fact, 40% of our time In business involves selling. But the reality is so many of us are reluctant to call ourselves sales people. They fear that people will see them as manipulative or high pressure con artists.

The smart sales person does not see themselves that way. They view sales as a way to help clients to have a more successful life or business.

This course is designed to help you get over your fear and anxiety about sales and become a confident representative of the products and services that you are offering.


Know this: if you have anxiety, fears, or trepidations about selling, you are not alone. This course will give you the tools to embrace and feel comfortable about being an outstanding sales person.

Selling is not just promoting your products and services. It’s also about persuading investors to back your business or convincing top talent to work for you.

These are skills that can be learned and that’s what this course is about.


Selling is More Than Selling
Negative Stereotypes About Sales
Breaking Through the Negativity About Sales
Be Proud that You’re in Sales
People love to shop
Dealing with Failure in Sales
How are Customers Tastes Changing?
What Stops Some Customers from Buying Now?
What Else Stops People from Buying?
Getting Over Customer Resistance
Can Older Consumers Change Their Minds?
How to be a Confident Sales Person
People Love to Shop
Be the Number One Interpreter of You
Why do Some People Love Being in Sales
Here’s What Smart Sales People do.
Your Relationship Should Not End After the Sale
Become an Expert on Selling the Invisible.
Most Decisions are Emotional
Look Customers in their Eyes
Do Some People Fear Being Successful?
The Imposter Syndrome
Getting over a fear of success
Really Listen to Your Customer
Smart question to ask your upset customer
Respond to an Upset Customer Quickly
Keep in touch with you upset customer
Sales people are problem solvers
Bad communications means no sales
Not every customer is going to love you.
What to do if your customer gets nasty
What can you learn from your competitors?
How are customers tastes changing
About me.

Additional Resources to Boost Sales

Dealing with a tough customer
Getting over obstacles
Listen to feedback
The difference between hearing and listening
Smart questions for an upset customer
How to be better, smarter, richer
How to get over bad communications
Make a winners presentation

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