How To Become A Great Soccer/ Football Referee

A beginner’s course helping soccer referees to start their career professionally by learning from real-world experience

What you will learn

Know what key skills you need as a referee

Avoid beginner’s mistakes in refereeing

Understand what it means to lead a match practically

Know how to improve your refereeing skills

Apply insights from five years experience


Soccer Refereeing is more than just using a whistle and getting some money. It’s a character-shaping calling which is absolutely necessary for every match played. Without a referee there’s no game.

Five years of refereeing have taught me special skills in my young age that I want to pass on to you, so you can avoid the common mistakes young referees make. Doing so, you’ll get to know the key requirements to become a referee and develop great skills while doing so. I talk about the key details you should pay heed to before, during and after the game. Just following these logical method, I managed to get promoted five times within five years. We’ll cover topics from fitness and health to human interaction, knowledge and stepping up your refereeing game.

You will hear funny and interesting stories that I myself experienced during my time as a match official relating to the course’s content. I believe these anecdotes can provide beautiful examples which character traits a referee should and shouldn’t have and how he needs to deal with the aspects of human nature refereeing.

In summary, you can expect a course on how to look differently at certain aspects of being or becoming a soccer referee and knowing what expects you on and besides the field and how you can pro-actively handle these situations.

Remember that this course is not a definite course to the rules of the law or comprehensive fitness for referees. These may follow and be way more expensive. For now, this course is what you need to get started and save some time.





Key Requirements


Key Skills

Physical Health
Mental Health
Superior Knowledge

Take it even further

A Great Coach

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