Herbalism: Go From Zero To Hero in Herbalism Course

Discover herbal medicine careers, work in a herbalism or holistic medicine profession, Certification, herbal medicine

What you will learn

Start making your first herbal remedy from day one. It is easier than you think!

Details of over 30 of the most important plants used in herbal medicine plus making tinctures, teas, oils, salves, honeys, syrups, compresses and poultices.

Find herbs everywhere, no matter where in the world you live – stores, online, backyard, garden, community.

Learn life-changing skills. The course has everything you need to know in one place including information you will not find anywhere else.

Step-by-step instruction so you feel confident in making and using herbal medicine without being overwhelmed.

How to become an herbal practitioner that sees clients for consultations

How to bring plants to market whether growing them or harvesting from the wild

How to create herbal products for sale, from what to create to marketing

How to become an herbal teacher sharing both healing and plant knowledge



If so, this is THE place to start! This online professional herbalist course includes the information you must know from where to begin, how to market yourself and everything else in between.

This course is filled with an expert’s career insights and advice on where the opportunities are. Gain the confidence to move forward!

Choose whatever career opportunity suits you. Like many of us herbalists, you may find yourself overlapping these specialties or evolving into new ones. Find your unique path

There is a growing movement in herbalism. You can be a part of it.

· You will gain better health by knowing which plants to use and how to use them.

· You will be more self-reliant without the need for many pharmaceuticals.

· You will take a central role in your wellbeing as well as those you love.

· You will never find better quality herbal medicine than what you make yourself.

By the end of the course you will feel confident in using plant medicines. You will not only understand which plants to use, but why they work in the way they do. With step-by-step instruction, there are no worries about being overwhelmed. You will also be able to refer back to the course material any time you like.

Plants provide some of our most valuable medicine

· Herbs are readily available to everyone, whether you grow, harvest or purchase them.

· Herbs can be helpful for specific diseases, prevention, energy and vitality.

· Herbs can support other forms of medicine and ways of healing.

· Herbal medicines are easy and inexpensive to make as well as easy to use.

· Herbs are very effective and safe with good instruction.

Plants have been successfully used as medicine throughout history. Currently, the World Health Organization states that more than 80% of people on earth use herbs as their primary form of medicine.

Discover this important mode of healing and learn how you can incorporate herbs into your life for optimum health.

Here is what you’ll get from the course:

· Practical understanding of what herbalism is and how it works.

· Know how to make tinctures, teas, oils, salves, honeys, syrups, compresses and poultices.

· Details of over 20 of the most commonly used medicinal herbs.

· A necessary foundation if you decide to move forward with an herbal career.



What is medicinal herbs
What is medicinal herbs 2
How is medicinal herbs used
Balancing allopathic and Herbal medicine
How is medicinal herbs used 2
The benefits of medicinal herbs
Side Effects
Starting a home medicine garden
Starting a home medicine garden
Starting a home medicine garden 2
Container Gardens
Starting a home medicine garden 3
Starting a home medicine garden 4
Starting a home medicine garden 5
Fresh vs dried
Starting a home medicine garden 6
Setting up your kitchen pharmacy
Setting up your kitchen pharmacy
Setting up your kitchen pharmacy 2
A simpler measure
Setting up your kitchen pharmacy 3
Setting up your kitchen pharmacy 4
Setting up your kitchen pharmacy 5
How to make a medicinal infusion
How to make a medicinal decoction
How to make solar and lunar infusion
A simple honey onion syrup for colds
How to make a medicinal syrup
How to make a medicinal oil 2
How to make a solar infused oil
How to make a solar infused oil 2
How to make a solar infused oil 3
How to make an herbal tincture
How much is a drop
Herbal liniments
How to make herbal pills 2
Baths poultices and compresses
Baths poultices and compresses 2
Baths poultices and compresses 3
Baths poultices and compresses 4
The skinny of dosage and duration of herbal treatment
Chronic health problems
Dosage for Chronic health problems
Using herbs to treat children
Familiar herbs and spices to grow and use
Familiar herbs and spices to grow and use
When is an herb medicine and not food
Growing basil
Basil poultice
Basil Tea for headaches and stress
Medicinal basil pesto
Medicinal basil pesto 2
Holy basil
Holy basil tincture
Growing cayenne
cayenne Cold care capsules
Growing Cinnamon
Cinnamon ashwagandha rejuvenating milk
Warming cinnamon bath salts
Growing Garlic
Growing Garlic 2
Pickled Garlic
Garlic Four thieves vinegar
Garlic Fire cider
Garlic herb oil
Garlic flower oil
Garlic Ear oil
Growing Ginger
Growing Ginger 2
Ginger lemon aide
Ginger syrup
Hot ginger balls
Hot ginger poultice
Growing Rosemary
Growing Rosemary 2
Rosemary lemon thyme tea
Rosemary brain tonic tincture
cinnamon honey
Growing Sage
Growing Sage 2
Sage good gargle for a bad throat
Sage mouth and throat spray
Sage Antioxidant herb sprinkle
Sage pesto
Growing thyme
Thyme syrup
Thyme honey
Growing Turmeric
Growing Turmeric 2
Turmeric Golden milk
Turmeric golden turmeric paste for skin infections
Turmeric medicinal curry blend
Turmeric other useful kitchen herbs and spices
Turmeric other useful kitchen herbs and spices 2
Safe and effective herbs to know grow and use
Safe and effective herbs to know grow and use
Growing aloe vera
Growing aloe vera 2
Aloe vera gel
aloe vera healing aloe lotion for poison oak and poison ivy
aloe vera aloe comfrey arthritis gel
Growing Burdock
Growing Burdock 2
Growing Burdock 3
Burdock root
Burdock cooling liver tincture
Growing Calendula
Growing Calendula 2
Growing Calendula 3
Calendula salve
Growing Chamomile
Growing Chamomile 3
Calming Chamomile tea
Chamomile eye packs
chamomile Calming herbal bath for de stressing
Growing Chickweed
Growing Chickweed 2
Chickweed poultice
Chickweed super soothing salve
Growing Dandelion
Growing Dandelion2
Dandelion Burdock tincture for liver health
Dandelion horta for liver and kideny health
Dandelion Roasted Dandelion and chicory tea
Dandelion mocha
Growing Echinachea
Echinachea spray for sore throats
choosing an Echinachea
Echinacea regular tincture
Echinacea whole plant Echinacea tincture
Growing Elder
Elder nutritive tonic berry good tea
Elder nutritive heart tonic tincture
Elder cold care remedy
Elder urinary tonic tea
Elderberry syrup
Growing Goldenseal
Growing Goldenseal 2
Growing Goldenseal 3
Goldenseal salve
Goldenseal wash for eye infections
Growing Hawthorn
Growing Hawthorn 2
Growing Hawthorn 3
Hawthorn Heartease tea
Hawthorn sprinkle for the heart
Hawthorn heart balls
Whole plant Hawthorn tincture
Growing Lavender
Growing Lavender 2
Growing Lavender 3
Growing Lavender 4
Growing Lavender 5
Lavender eye pillow
Lavender lemon balm calming aid
Lavender calming lavender massage oil
Lemon balm
Growing Lemon balm
Growing Lemon balm 2
Growing Lemon balm 3
Lemon balm colic remedy
Lemon balm Glycerite
Lemon balm bath
Growing Licorice
Growing Licorice 2
Growing Licorice 3
Licorice gentle Licorice laxative
Licorice adrenal tonic tincture
Licorice licorice ginger balls
Licorice licorice cough syrup
Licorice soothing throat balls
Marsh mallow
Growing Marsh mallow
Growing Marsh mallow 2
Marsh mallow Herbal capsules for bladder infection
Marsh mallow baby powder
Marsh mallow Urinary tonic for bladder health
Growig Mullein
Growig Mullein 2
Growig Mullein 3
Mullein red clover salve
Mullein flower ear oil
Mullein cough be gone tea
Mullein glandular tonic
Growing Nettle
Growing Nettle 2
Growing Nettle 3
Nettle prostate tonic tincture
Nettle creaky bones and achy joints high calcium tea
Nettle pesto
Nettle creamy nettle potato soup
Nettle pregnancy tonic tea
Growing oats
Growing oats 2
Growing oats 4
Oats oatmeal bath for dry chapp
Oats heart healthy oatmeal
Oats restorative oatmeal porridge
Grrowing Peppermint
Grrowing Peppermint 2
Grrowing Peppermint 3
peppermeint rejuvenation tonic
Peppermint headache tincture
Peppermint digestive aid
Peppermint tooth powder
Growing Plantain
Growing Plantain 2
Growing Plantain 3
Plantain Poultice
Plantain power drink
Plantain salve
Red clover
Growing Red clover 2
Growing Red clover 3
Growing Red clover 4
Red clover vitamin tonic
Red clover menopause formula
Red clover flower power formula for lymphatic congestion
Red clover violet syrup
St. johns wort
Growing St johns wort
Growing St johns wort 2
Growing St johns wort 3
St johns wort oil
St johns wort salve
St johns wort lighten up tea
St johns wort tincture for sad
Growing Spearmint
Growing Spearmint 2
Growing Spearmint 3
Spearmint iced Spearmint tea
Spearmint fever reducing formula for children
Spearmint childrens stress calmer glycerite
Growing Valerian
Growing Valerian 2
Growing Valerian 4
Valerian tension free formula
Valerian Bronchial relaxer formula
Valerian deep sleep tincture
Yarrow venous salve
Yarrow liniment for varicose veins

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