Guide to Lessons Learned

For better projects and a better business
What you will learn

What you will learn


Project management is about good work, it keeps your efforts on track and in scope.

Lessons Learned is what makes sure the next project is even better than this one.

This guide to Lessons Learned will teach you a simple, repeatable system for applying Lessons Learned after each project, making your business always more productive and more resilient.

Every project should have 2 distinct last steps:

  1. an After Action Review,
  2. and a Lessons Learned report.

In this class you will learn how to run both of these steps, and how to make your business better every single day.

The structure in this course can be used by anybody: it offers a simple way to brainstorm after action reviews and reap the most out of those efforts. You will learn how to separate the different functions of a team involved in a project, making it easier to examine micro-results and granular tasks during the project itself, and to self-correct more easily in the future.

The class offers downloadable templates of the various systems, and makes it easy to create your own using your preferred project management or communication platform.

Only repeated mistakes are actual mistakes. Never repeat a mistake again with this simple and effective Lessons Learned system.


Introduction & Pre-Game

Why you want to know more about Lessons Learned
The terminology you need to know
The challenges in Lessons Learned
Why Lessons Learned are so important

After Action Reviews

What is an AAR, After Action Review?
Start with brainstorming
Review the process
Review communication
Review distractions
Review external forces
Review everything else

Lessons Learned

Introduction to Lessons Learned
Lessons to keep
Lessons for improvement
Immediate improvements
Lessons for the parking lot
Who should be involved

Success and Failure

Every failure includes success
What to avoid
Learn to like your mistakes

Conclusion & Final Project

Final Project

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