Grounding and Centering Exercises for Deeper Qigong Practice

Connect with your center and awaken your body with immediacy!

What you will learn


Center Line Awareness


Heightened Balance


Grounding Principals


Various Grounding Exercises


Various Qigong Principals


Qigong exercises


Tree Pose


Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg


Slow Squat and related Exercises


North Star Visualization


Center Earth Visualization


Centering Principals


This course will put you in touch with direct action!


So much in life can make us waver…


So much in life can sweep us off our feet…


Every internal realization and state of mind has a correlation with the physical body


The physical body is foundational – which is why it’s critical we do this body work


This course contains over a dozen different exercises that will:

  • Bring you back to your center

  • Put you in touch with your connection to the ground

  • Bring balance to your life

  • Deepen your sense of alignment


These methods draw on the antient arts of Qigong and Tai Chi traditions which have been proven over thousands of years to be of fundamental benefit to anyone who practices this craft


This course is delivered in simple, clear, easy to understand, easy to follow instructions


All exercises are demonstrated and practiced in real time, with supporting explanations and clarification. There are also additional recourses and further processes for the more advanced students


Learn these methods and know how it feels to be true to your course, stay the path you are on and to feel the freedom from those things in life that make us go astray 

Practice theses methods and know how it feels to stand your ground, to not be swept away in such events as life can bring

  • Experience immediacy

  • Taste deeper sensitivity

  • Open to inner balance

  • Connect with your core


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Introduction + Warming Up – Part 1
Warming Up – Part 2

Grounding and Centering Exercises

Head Movements + Slow Squat
Tree Pose
Golden Rooster
Building Resolve


Intro to Visualizations
Center Earth Visualization
North Star Visualization

Long Stand Qigong Exercise

Centering Pose + Conclusion


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