Getting into Medical School for Dummies

Any dummy can get into medical school… seriously.

What you will learn

Learn how to get an amazing MCAT score.

Learn the best tips and tricks for getting a 4.0 GPA.

Learn how to write an incredible personal essay for your med school application.

Learn how to absolutely nail your medical school interview.

Learn to recognize and dispel perpetuated myths about the med school application process.


I am an absolute dummy. I’m not kidding. I don’t consider myself to be that smart when it comes to education. I didn’t take any honors or AP classes in high school. I didn’t graduate high school with any scholastic awards or any extracurricular acheivements. While in college, I didn’t participate in ANY extracurricular activities. I wasn’t on any sports teams. I didn’t publish any papers. I didn’t graduate with honors, and I certainly didn’t sign up for any expensive MCAT review courses.

Despite all of this, I got accepted to one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country… George Washington University School of Medicine, located in Washington D.C.

How was I able to do this without being that smart, without paying for tutors, or signing up for expensive MCAT study programs? I did it by following the tips and tricks I collected from those that had already successfully walked this path.

I am going to share ALL of these tips and tricks with you in this course. You won’t have to scour the internet and read hundreds of blog posts and forums to find what I am going to share. In fact, even if you did, you likely wouldn’t find what I’m going to share with you in this course.



What Matters Most When Applying to Medical School
About Me
4 Things That Matter Most
Common Perpetuated Myths
How to Get the Best GPA
Take the Least Number of Credit Hours
Sharing Notes and Quizzes
Maintaining Open Communication With Your Professor
Common Mistakes That Are Made
How to Get the Best MCAT Score
Practice, Practice, and More Practice
Using the Best Resources… and Avoiding the Bad Ones
Things to Consider
The Application Process
Apply Everywhere!
Expected Financial Costs
Essay Writing Prompts
Timing is Everything
The Medical School Interview
What Most People Don’t Understand About the Interview
How to Properly Prepare for the Interview
The Do’s and Don’ts of the Interview
Interview Follow-up
Creating a Backup Plan
Things to Consider
Final Words of Encouragement

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