Getting Coaching Clients… What NOT To Do!

5 Common Mistakes New Coaches Make

What you will learn

Know which common mistakes to avoid when trying to get coaching clients

Learn 5 tips to help you get more clients

Learn how to start connecting and building trust with your niche market

Know how to create coaching offers with proof of concept


One of the most common questions newly certified coaches have is: How do I get clients?

Connecting with your audience and converting them to paying clients isn’t as simple as a step-by-step, one size fits all process. (If it was everyone would be doing it!) Just as each coach is unique, so is each journey towards creating a thriving coaching business.

However, there are several pitfalls that many new coaches make in this process that can create frustration and cost them a lot of time, effort, and money. This course outlines 5 of these common mistakes and what you can do instead.

Some of these tips are counter to what you might expect — which is why many new coaches fall into the trap exerting a lot of effort ineffectively, struggling to find clients and get their offering or brand just right without making sure they’ve followed these guidelines first.

If you are a new coach looking to build your client base, or an established coach seeking out new clients, this very short course will get you off on the right foot. The course also includes a recording of a live coach business mentoring session where we talk about how to create and price your coaching offering, as well as how to start getting paying clients for it.




Welcome to the Course!

Mistake #1: Creating a product (or a brand) in a vacuum

Overview Video
What to Do Instead

Mistake #2: Telling people what you do, instead of showing them

Overview Video
What to Do Instead

Mistake #3: Offering generalized coaching

Overview Video
What to Do Instead

Mistake #4: Building a brand without proof of concept

Overview Video
What to Do Instead

Mistake #5: Making your coaching brand too “me” focused

Overview Video
What to Do Instead

Live Business Mentoring Session Recording

Creating + Pricing an Offering & Finding Clients

Next Steps


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