Generating Fabrication Models from Revit MEP Systems

Covering Essentials, Intermediate, and advanced features of Fabrication Models from Revit

What you will learn

Generating Fabrication Models from Revit Mechanical Systems

Revit MEP CAM Duct Connection

Tagging Fabrication Parts

Sending the model to Fabrication


By using the Fabrication Tools within Revit you can produce manufacturing/shop drawings without the need to re-design a consultants model. In such a competitive and seemingly inefficient industry, tools like this and the know-how required to master them can help you get more value out of time spent on projects. In this course, Generating Fabrication Models from Revit Mechanical Systems, you will learn how to take a design intent model and transform it into a Fabrication Model that can be exported to typical fabrication software like Fabrication CAMDuct used in sheetmetal workshops. You will also get a quick overview of the Fabrication Parts Database in CAMDuct. Finally, you’ll learn even more about Fabrication Parts Database in CAMDuct – specifically relationship it has to Revit. Software required: Revit 2017, CAMDuct 2017.


In this class, we will explore how to utilize Fabrication Parts in Revit software by taking a Revit project and going through the Design-to-Fabrication workflow. Once this has been reviewed and is complete, we will export a Fabrication file from Revit software into Fabrication ESTmep software. Once inside Fabrication ESTmep software, we will review the contents of the project and make any changes required. Then, utilizing the new Estimating Summary options, we will review pricing and labor and make any adjustments necessary. Once this is complete, we will review our options for sending the .MAJ to Fabrication CAMduct software and Fabrication CADmep software. This session features Revit MEP and Fabrication CADmep.


PART 1 – Creating Worksets and Import Architectural Model in Revit
PART 2 – Preparing for the Fabrication Model in Revit
PART 3 – Reviewing the CAMDuct Database
PART 4 – Completing the Fabrication Model in Revit
PART 5 – Getting the Fabrication System Ready for Export in Revit

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