Finding the Best Position to Receive the Ball in Midfield

How a midfielder in football can create the perfect conditions to progress towards the goal.

What You Will Learn

You will understand the impact an individual action has on the game.

You will know in what game situation inside positioning is performed and when it is possible to perform inside positioning.

You will know what the goal of inside positioning is and why it’s important to have that goal.

You will know the advantages and the challenges of inside positioning.

You will know which four aspects of inside positioning are essential, under your control and therefore trainable.

You will learn how the chance to play towards goal is increased significantly by executing inside positioning well.


  • You should have a basic understanding of football.


In this course you will learn what ‘Inside positioning‘ is and how a midfielder can create the perfect conditions to progress forward and preferably directly towards the opponents’ goal when performing Inside positioning.

This course is divided into four segments:

  • In the first part you will get to know Impact Performance Coaching as a company and what methods we use to analyse football players.
  • In the second part you will learn what Inside positioning means and in what game situation it can be performed. Also you will see what the alternatives are and when it is best to perform Inside positioning.
  • In the third part we explain what the four fundamental aspects of Inside positioning are. Using lots of video examples, you will learn that these four aspects have a direct influence in the chance of successfully positioning between the lines, and that executing them well will increase the chances of playing forward!
  • In the final part there’s a recap of everything we discussed.

The course is filled with a lot of video content which you can pause and play whenever you want. Please make use of that possibility and write things down if you don’t understand them. If at the end you still don’t understand or if you have a different opinion on it you can always contact us. We are happy to help and always open to discuss our content.

Who this course is for:

  • We think that as long as you have a basic understanding of football the course can be for every player, coach, trainer, analyst or fan. It’s best that you have an open mindset and a willingness to learn.
  • Also it’s probably best that you have a genuine interest to dive deeper into the beautiful game of football.


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