Find Your Inner Power: 10-Day Meditation Retreat to show you

Creating retreat right where you are. No need to go anywhere. No need to do a lot of preparations. Just finding time and space within your home.

Welcome to the 10 day meditation retreat. Recharging your batteries when you feel depressed, tired, anxious, worried about everything or nothing. Keeping your body and mind healthy. Filling your spirit and soul with nourishment that can mend the cracks.

Everything above and more – I’ve put this intention into this retreat while creating it for you.

I’ve done myself, and I’ve done with other people. It worked. It still works.

If you are curious, you can see what I mean.

If you are into meditation, you are going to have a very good time.

If you want to recharge and start over, whatever that is, this retreat might be the answer.

If you want to heal – emotionally and physically – you will find practices in this retreat that will help you to do exactly that.

Wherever something happens to me, I always know i have my meditation. It helps me to deal with everything I come cross in life while living it to the fullest – not in the Himalayas, not in the ashrams, not in the monasteries, but the day-to-day life where I enjoy the process very much.

Do you feel I am speaking to you? Do you want to find that power within you?

I am inviting you to join me and see for yourself.

with love,


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