Every Day Matters – Dinacharya (Make every day count).

This course will help you understand that discipline is the most pleasurable pain and the ONLY way to greatness.

What you will learn

A soul-stirring course to Challenge Your Comfort Zone. Learn how small changes can transform your life beyond imagination.

First things first, how to prioritise what is important vs what is trivial?

How to implement a daily routine that puts you in a peak state? What you do daily will become a habit; a habit will determine your growth curve.

Beliefs make you or break you. How to harness the power of strong belief systems?

Discover the secret to unlock your subconscious mind to live a legendary life.


Discipline is utterly boring.

Discipline is so repetitive.

Discipline is monotonous.

Discipline is such a drill.

Again and again repeating the same stuff the same way… Oh no!

Yet, that’s the only way to greatness in any aspect.

This course will help you understand that Discipline is the most pleasurable pain.

Every one of us have 24 hours in a day – no less, no more. Everything that is not important has allotted time slots, whereas, everything that is important gets no time. Yet, the most common excuse for not investing on your health, relationships, intellectual and professional pursuits or growth practices is lack of time. ‘Every Day Matters – Dinacharya’, is a soul-stirring 14-lesson course that will Challenge Your Comfort Zone. It will get you to cultivate the discipline to make time for important things, which in-turn will transform your life beyond imagination.

Life needs to be steered ahead with new aspirations. “Where to where – is the story of the past. From here, where – is the story of the future” Mahatria asserts.

Even the most successful people were once ordinary human beings who recognised and developed their capabilities. Stop being tricked by the silly ways of the mind… You are created with the potential to live a legendary life.

Through this course, take your first towards a legendary life.



Gift Yourself a New You
Hold Peace Above Everything
You Are a Powerful Magnet
The Power of Self Belief
Every Day Counts
365 minus 1 = 0
Win Your Subconscious Mind
The 5-1 Rule For Positive Living
A Touch of Class
Getting your Priorities Right
Overcome your Weaknesses
The Power of Aspiration
Story of a Dragonfly
Aspire to Inspire

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