Ease your way into C++

This small course will help you develop the basic skills to start programming in C/C++.  In this particular course, we will choose C++ as our language of choice.

During this short course, you will learn how to create a small program that runs on your computer.  You will also learn how it works so that you will be able to create other programs to get you started in your learning journey.

The lessons will help you understand how variables work and how to use them.  Memory utilization will also be introduced so that you will understand how your computer sees data.

For the next level, enroll in the Getting Started with C++, The Complete Course.  In that course, you will learn the concepts of procedural programming, conditional flow, loops and you will also be introduced to Object Oriented Programming.

For this course, try to write code as it’s presented to you and attempt to understand the concept associated with that particular demonstration.  Once you feel that you have a handle over the topic and the technic used, try your own version, then take notes on what worked and what didn’t.

You will learn more by practicing rather than passively watch videos.  Make sure that you code!

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