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Earn financial freedom, free up time, so you can spend it with people you love, and improve health by reducing stress

What you will learn

Learn how to earn passive income, so you can free up time, improve health by reducing stress and working hours and be financially free.

Understand the differences between active and passive income.

Money stories – What they are, how they get in our way and explore your money stories.

2 routes to earning passive income.

Learn how to evaluate and manage risk when considering a passive income opportunity.


This course is for you if you find yourself saying or wishing:

  • I wish there was a way to earn money with ease, without hustling all the time or working long hours.
  • Life is slipping by: I hardly get to spend quality time with my family; I want more time with people I love. I want more time doing things I love.
  • I want better health but there is hardly any time to look after myself.
  • I would follow my passion IF ONLY money wasn’t part of the equation!
  • I wish I had more money so I could support the causes I am passionate about.
  • I wish Law of Attraction worked for me!
  • I would love to build a retirement or pension fund.
  • I have enough but why settle when I can have more?

While going through cancer treatment, I had to give up work because I was poorly. Becoming financially dependant on my family impacted my sense of self-worth and confidence. I struggled to see and hear myself. Oh how I wished I had multiple income streams, especially passive ones, which would have kept money flowing in with ease! It was the wake-up call I needed to explore passive income opportunities for myself.

Now as a coach and a cancer survivor, I help people establish multiple income streams for additional financial safety and abundance. Passive income takes pressure off for hustling all the time, and allows us to spend more time with our loved ones. It enables us to invest in our health by reducing work hours and stress.


Because life is too short and too uncertain to make a different choice!


Financial freedom is for everyone and we must achieve it on our own terms.




Introduction to ‘Earn Passive Income’ Course

Introduction to ‘Earn Passive Income’

Lecture 2: Who is passive income for?

Lecture 3: Active vs Passive Income

What’s My Story and My Why?

My Story and My Why

What stops people from saying yes to passive income

What stops people from saying yes to passive income

What purpose do our money stories serve?

New Money Stories and the power of choice

Is Money everything?

What’s the alternative to hustling, so we can find freedom of time and money?

Do this to free up time and energy and generate money with ease

Passive Income Source 1

Passive Income Source 1 and Important Considerations

Evaluating and Managing Risk in Passive Income

Evaluate and Manage Risk in Passive Income

Passive Income Stream 2

Passive Income Stream 2 Introduction

3 Real Life Stories

Passive Income Gets Real

The Best Passive Income Opportunity_The Risk_Next Steps

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