DSLR Beginners: Master your Camera in Manual Mode

Learn how to take stunning photographs with your DSLR

What you will learn

How to take better photos with their DSLR

Use their DSLR in manual mode

Understand photography fundamentals

How composition can effect the photo outcome


New to DSLR cameras? Learn the basics to get the best photos you have ever taken!

This introductory photography class lays out the fundamentals for shooting in manual mode. Taught by photographer Sian Morton, you’ll learn how to manually balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to achieve perfect exposure, every time.

Easy-to-follow lessons include how to:

  • Balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO for perfect exposure (and conquer the fear of “manual” mode)
  • Freeze and blur motion via shutter speed
  • Control background blur via aperture
  • Take stunning landscape images with correct composition and camera setup
  • Master portrait photography in ANY situation

Plus, you’ll also learn Sian’s go-to camera settings and recommendations. By the end, you’ll know how to master your settings, shoot in manual mode for total control, and create the pro-level photos you’ve always imagined.

Digital photography is so enjoyable but having the right skills for the right conditions can really help to take your photography to the next level.

What You’ll Learn

Sian will go over the fundamentals of how to use your camera, discussing camera settings like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Understanding your DSLR. You’ll learn exactly what happens when you click the button to take a photograph and dive deeper into what is really meant by the exposure pyramid and its three elements:

  • Shutter speed. You’ll learn how to represent shutter speed as a number and how different shutter speeds capture motion.
  • Aperture. You’ll learn how aperture settings can affect the amount of light let into your photograph and dictate a distinction between the foreground and background of your image.
  • ISO. You’ll see why Sian calls ISO “the weapon of last resort” and learn how to avoid digital noise in your photographs.


Why You Have To Shoot In Manual Mode
Shutter Speed Fundamentals
Shutter Speed Fundamentals
Aperture / F-Stop Basics
Aperture / F-Stop Basics
Using ISO Correctly
Using ISO Correctly
Master Landscape Photography
Master Landscape Photography
Master Portrait Photography
Master Portrait Photography

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