Digital Transformation and Business Technologies Emergence

Digital Transformation Evolution: Business Process Transformation, e-Business Models, IT tools, Digitization, Agile PM

What you will learn

Study Internet Entrepreneurial Activity Evolution

Master Differences Between Traditional and Digitized Organizations

Analyse Business Processes Digitization Possibilities

Understand Functions of Entrepreneurial Activity

Grasp Essentials of IT Business Transformation

Look at Emergence of New e-Business Technologies

Learn Concept of a Digital Business Model


After enrolling in this course, you’ll receive the knowledge that the best digital transformation consultants/analysts use to create a prosperous digital evolution:

  • from understanding digital transformation to what drives digital transformations fortune,
  • from digital transformation plans to transformation technologies,
  • from IT design thinking to digital transformation trends,
  • from digital transformation opportunities to outstanding case studies.

In particular, the following Digital Transformation topics will be covered:

  1. Traditional and Digitized Organizations;
  2. Business Processes Digitization;
  3. Functions of Entrepreneurial Activity;
  4. Traditional Business Operations Transition to Digitization;
  5. IT Business Transformation Essentials;
  6. Digital Business Technology Emergence;
  7. Digital Business Model Concept
  8. IT Industry Overview.
  9. Agile IT Project Management

To achieve goals in the modern world, we should be courageous, curious, and have a solid grasp on digital transformation topics.

You can achieve more in your life if you confidently master digital transformation cases.

Obviously, you should start from the basics to build your deep knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial digital transformation.

Well, that’s where I can serve you. You’ll get up-to-date, efficient, and justified digital transformation techniques and knowledge from a digital practitioner.

These skills and knowledge can help you land a job in the digital transformation domain. It can help you grow your ongoing knowledge of the digital sphere.

Students aren’t required to know everything beforehand. All you need is devotion and an analytical mind. I’ll teach you the essentials and how to apply them and help you master digital transformation.

This course will be your guide in this way.




Traditional and Digitized Organizations I

Intro and Objectives

Business Processes Digitization

Traditional Business Processes Analysis

Traditional & Digitized Processes Differences

Preparation for the Quiz


Traditional and Digitized Organizations II

Intro and Objectives

Digitization: Threat or Opportunity?

Potential Ways to Modernize Business Activity

IT-systems Integration Analysis

Case I: Distinct Types of Virtual Organizations


Software Development Overview

Intro and Objectives

IT Intro

Project Activities Life-cycle

Uncertainty in IT

IT Projects

Intro to Agile and its Manifesto

Agile: Kanban

Rational Unified Process – RUP

Activities and Services of IT Companies

Models of IT Outsourcing Services

Types of IT Projects Funding

IT Projects’ Roles I

IT Projects’ Roles II

SDLC models: Cascade, Iterative, Spiral

Business Processes Digitization Trend

Benefits of e-Working

Internet Technologies in 21st Century

Enterprise Information Flows Upgrade


Business Operations Digitization

Intro and Objectives

ICT as a Transformation System

Traditional Business Challenges

New Digitized Organizations Tactics


Entrepreneurial Activity Functions

Intro and Objectives

Anthony Breer & Entrepreneurship Notions

Entrepreneurs as Business Leaders

Entrepreneurial Success Factors

Project Entrepreneurs

Economics of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Activity Notion

Approaches to Entrepreneurship Analysis

Frank Knight & J. Schumpeter Concepts

Kirzner, Baumol and Leibenstein Concepts


IT Business Transformation Essentials

Intro and Objectives

Evolution of IT Business

Mobile Communication Evolution


IT Project Management Essentials

Intro and Objectives

Management Notion

Management Theory Evolution

System Approach

Thinking Process in Computer Science

Management Process

Waterfall Model

Scrum Framework

Scrum Framework: Backlog, Sprints

Scrum: Sprint Planning, Review, Retrospective

Scrum: Misc

Kanban Overview

Lean and Quiz Preparation

Digital Business Model

Intro and Objectives

Digital Business Model Concept

Digital Business Security Threats

Digital Business Operations

IT Systems Classes

B2C Digital Benefits


Digital Business Technologies Emergence

Intro and Objectives

Digital Business Technolgoies & Platforms

Focus of e-Commerce

Case I: Applying Digital Distance Learning Systems in University Courses


IT Integration to Business Processes

Intro and Objectives


Digitization Examples

Networked Economic Systems

Case I: Digitized Business Process Improvement


Early Approaches to Internet Entrepreneurship

Intro and Objectives

Entrepreneurial Activity Research

Internet Entrepreneurial Activity Studies

Internet Business Analysis

Virtual Organizations Specifics

Virtual Organizations Problems


Successful Digital Business Organizations I

Intro and Objectives

Amazon Case

Amazon Logistics Process

Amazon Results


Successful Digital Business Organizations II

Intro and Objectives

Dell as Internet Business

Dell Logistics Process

Global Experience


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