Designing Fire Suppression Systems with Revit

Mastering Fire Protection Design in Revit

What you will learn

Overview of fire detection, alarm systems, and suppression systems.

Codes and Standards: Familiarization with relevant codes and standards for designing fire protection systems.

Understanding Fire Protection Systems: Overview of fire detection, alarm systems, and suppression systems.

Understanding the creation and customization of families for fire protection elements.


A sprinkler system is a crucial component of fire protection in various settings, ranging from residential homes to commercial buildings and industrial facilities. In your lecture, you might explore the fundamentals of sprinkler systems, delving into their design, function, and importance in preventing fire-related disasters. You could discuss the different types of sprinkler systems, such as wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, and deluge systems, highlighting their applications and advantages in different scenarios. Additionally, covering the key components of a sprinkler system, including sprinkler heads, piping, control valves, and alarm systems, could offer a comprehensive understanding of how these systems operate and respond to fire incidents. Sharing case studies or examples of successful implementation and the role of sprinkler systems in minimizing property damage and saving lives could further enrich your lecture. By the end of this lecture, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage Revit MEP for designing, simulating, and documenting sprinkler systems, contributing to enhanced fire safety and efficiency in building design and construction. Revit MEP, the process of linking an architectural model for a sprinkler system involves integrating the architectural design with the sprinkler system design.


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01-Introduction Sprinkler System
02-Introduction Sprinkler System
03-Introduction Piping Hanger
01- Linking Architecture Model In Revit
02- Copy Monitoring Level & Grids
03- Creating Views & View Template
04-Mechanical setting
05-Setting Up Pipe and Sprinkler
Complete Setup for Fire fighting System In Revit
Conclusion about My Course

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