Cypress: Web Automation Testing

Learn Web Application testing using Cypress. Start as a beginner and be expert in automation testing.

What you will learn


Understand Cypress from Scratch and build fast and reliable Automation tests for any Web Applications using Cypress


Complete Understanding of JavaScript Basics so that you can implement Best practices of coding for Cypress Tests


Real Time Hands On Exercises to practice Cypress Parallelly with Videos for building confidence on the tool


Handling the actions which can be perform on the browser for automation


Complete understanding of Cypress Components for generating test execution Videos ,Screenshots & Reporting


This course “Cypress: Web Automation Testing” is a beneficial and useful course for those who want to learn from basic to advance levels about test automation or those testers who wants to shift from manual to automation testing. In this course, i have explained the automation concepts/best practices with examples by using the tool Visual Studio Code.

Cypress is an open source, simple and easy to learn automation testing. Anyone having less or no coding experience can work on it. Experts can use their expertise to generate robust code. This course will enable the learner to work on web application automation testing using Cypress at an advanced level. Cypress is built on top of Mocha and Chai

In this course, my focus is on explaining automation testing by using a real tool which is Visual Studio Code.   Automation is key to successful agile development, we need to talk about it, but we can’t begin to cover every aspect of the subject in this course. What I do want to explain is why you, as a tester, must embrace automation, and how you and your team can overcome the many obstacles that can hamper your automation efforts.

Cypress enables you to write all types of tests:

  • End-to-end tests

  • Integration tests

  • Unit tests

Cypress can test anything that runs in a browser.





Why Automate?
Automation Test Pyramid & Testing Quadrants

Cypress Setup and Installation

Cypress Features
Cypress Project Setup
Cypress 1st Test

Interactions With Web Elements

Cypress Commands
.Should in Cypress
Verifying Page Title and Custom Waits
Use of Random Function (Math.random())

Object Oriented Programming in Cypress

Object Classes in Cypress

Data Driven Testing

Working with Files

Reports in Cypress

Generating the XML and HTML Reports

Cypress Dashboard

Cypress Dashboard Configuration


Course Recap


Cypress Quiz 1
Cypress Quiz 2


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