Cyber Security: Awareness For Everyone (2022)

Learn how to protect against cyber threats including social engineering, phishing, password attacks, ransomware

What you will learn

You will learn about how hackers exploit you through common attacks including social engineering

You will be trained on how to spot social engineering attacks including phishing emails and take corrective actions

You will learn the most common mistakes people make online and how to avoid them

You will learn the tips on how to select strong passwords and avoiding common mistakes

You will learn how to keep your accounts, emails, laptops secure

You will learn about cookies and 3rd party cookies and how your online activities are tracked

You will learn about how browser fingerprinting uniquely identifies you among millions of users

You will check whether your online credentials have been part of a leak


A beginner level comprehensive course that includes step-by-step explanations of basic cyber security awareness concepts along with follow-up quizzes and practice activities to ensure a solid learning for the course taker.

Designed by a Cyber Security expert with a PhD degree and premium Cybersecurity certifications, this course has been designed to make it extremely simple to learn how to secure yourself as well as your organisation against Cyber Threats.

Please check out our free samples videos to see how complex concepts have been explained in an easy way!

Salient features include:

  • Step by step and easy to follow videos that don’t assume any prior knowledge
  • Hands on practice activities to develop a deeper understanding of core concepts
  • Quizzes at the end of each section to test knowledge about each area
  • PhD instructor with 10+ years of industry experience as well as teaching experience
  • CISSP certified instructor
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Domains covered:

  • Social Engineering (Phishing, Spear Phishing, Vishing, Shoulder Surfing, Wi-Fi Phishing and Waterhole Attacks)
  • Passwords (Brute Force and Dictionary Attacks, Tips on Selecting Strong Passwords, Practice Activity)
  • VPNs (How They Work, Interesting Facts, How to Select a Reliable VPN)
  • Secure Data Disposal (Dumpster Diving, Shredding, Data Disposal and Media Sanitisation, Safety Tips)
  • Malware (Ransomware and Indicators of Compromise, Ransomware in Action, Safety Tips)
  • Safe Browsing (First Part Cookies, 3rd Party Cookies, Browser Fingerprinting, Safety Tips)

Practice activities:

  • Spot phishing emails by identifying key red flags
  • Practice selecting strong passwords
  • Check whether your password or account credentials have been leaked and are available online
  • Practice and see how 3rd party cookies are created and how they track you across the Internet



Udemy Review: Important

Social Engineering

Vishing: Introduction, deep fake, safety tips
Shoulder Surfing: Introduction, types, safety tips
Wi-Fi Phishing and Waterhole Attacks
Phishing: Introduction, spot phishing emails and prevention tips
Spear Phishing: Introduction, execution and prevention
Social Engineering

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

VPNs: How they work ?
VPNs: Interesting Facts
VPN: Word of caution when choosing a VPN service
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Safe Browsing

To Cookie or Not to Cookie ?
Practice Activity: 3rd Party Cookies
Browser Fingerprinting
Browser Fingerprinting: Safety Tips
Safe Browsing

Strong Passwords

Passwords: Brute force attacks and safety tips
Passwords: Dictionary attacks and safety tips
Practice Activity: Have I been pawned ?
Passwords: Tips on selecting strong passwords
Strong Passwords

Secure Data Disposal

Dumpster Diving
Secure Data Disposal and Media Sanitization
Secure Data Disposal


Ransomware: Indicators of Compromise
Ransomware in Action
Ransomware: Safety Tips


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