Creating Your First Udemy Course For Beginners – Unofficial

How to Create Your First Online Course Post The Lock Down For A Complete Beginner (Unofficial)

What you will learn

The listeners shall learn how to beat procrastination and gain the confidence to teach.

They would learn how to pick a topic to teach

The would learn how to find that motivation to teach on Udemy

They would know how to plan their time to teach on the platform


I know its difficult time for many especially those whose jobs has been affected with a lack of economic activities during the recent lockdown. When I go grocer shopping, I see many people just having a look of uncertainty and have worried about their financial well being. Even my personal friends has been asking around for new jobs or new opportunities out there fearing they may lose their current jobs. While many companies are facing a difficult time, other industries has been booming especially ones dealing with products or services with a strong presence online.

As an example with the lockdowns, many have opted to consume more content online which would include e-Learning. Aside from university students, even professionals have been learning online, in hopes of improving their knowledge and eventually landing a better job. Looking at this, there has been an increase in demand for online courses. So with that, why not teach a course online and earn some passive income ?

If you were to take this course, these are some of the benefits you shall get as a student :

You will save time – As I shall be showing you the step-by-step for creating your first Udemy course, this shall serve as a great template for you to just follow and it will enable you to save a lot of time and a lot of guess work in your course creation journey

You will save money – As you will be looking over my shoulder learning the steps for creating a course, this will enable you to make less mistakes, save both time and money

You will start to earn passive incomeNow is the best time to start your course creation journey as many are both job searching and many are afraid to go out to learn in physical places. The demand for online content is increasing and creating an a digital asset would enable you to capture this trend

To date there are approximately 16,000 students and these are some of the reviews given by the students:

“Amazing Course. I got the path to take action. Thank you Sir.”

“Will Upload My Course Soon :)”

“Good contents are in bonus.”

So why wait, now is the best time to start your journey of creating a course.



Has this Happened to You ?
My name is Adnan
The Difference Between Activity & Productivity
The System : SMART
The Blue Print on Baking A Cake
Do You Have Any Questions
Specific : The Errors
Picking A Topic : Hobby
Picking A Topic : Work Experience
Picking A Topic : Our Conversations
Measuring : Introduction
Benefits of Measuring
Benefit of Breaking It Down
Example of Breaking and Measuring
Being too Critical
Brick by Brick
Ready Fire Aim
Paralysis in Analysis
Start With Easy : Writing
Tip 1 Clutter
Tip 2 Perfection
Tip 3 Fear
Intro : Rationale
The Stories : Push or Pull
Moving with Intent
Time Bound
Intro : Time Bound
How Long Shall We Set ?
The End
Bonus : Recording Equiptment
The End
Bonus Sections : Practical Experience Shared
Bonus : Importance of Scripting
Bonus : Importance of Measuring Accurately
Bonus : The Type of Presentation Style
Bonus : The Importance of A Time Line
Bonus : Making Your First Sale
My Older Lectures
Intro to this Section
The New is Scary
A Little About Me and My Journey
Activity versus Productivity
The SMART System
Break it All Down and Measure
A Note to The Wise

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