Complete Stock Market Investing Course -Beginner to Advanced

Learn Stock Market Trading and Investing from actual hedge fund managers who follow Warren Buffett’s trading philosophy.

What you will learn

Understand the core concepts of the Stock market, Investment, and Trading

Learn about the effects of Compounding, Dividend Stocks, and how investing in the stock market helps with Tax Deductions and Protects against Inflation

Learn 4 crucial investment strategies: Top-Down investing, Bottom-Up investing, Value investing, and Technical Analysis

Understand Financial Statements and Statistics with intriguing examples

Explore Warren Buffett’s Trading Strategy: Value Investing by learning different valuation models, including DCF and Relative valuation.

Get introduced to the realm of Futures and Options where the possibilities are endless. Learn their practical uses along with the advantages and disadvantages.

From Basic Strategies to Advanced Terminologies, we’ve got you covered in the Options Module.

Understand the difference between saving money, stock trading and stock investing and figure out what’s best for you


The No. 1 Stock Market and Investment course on Udemy.

In the Ultimate Stock Market Course, you will learn the basics of the stock market, trading, and investment. This course is designed for Complete Beginners and Intermediate market participants who are looking to learn from actual Stock Market company – Amassing Investment

We start off by covering the basic concepts of the stock market, common investment types, how the stock market moves to advanced trading instruments like options, and important terminologies.

By the end of this course, you will gain absolute knowledge about the stock market and be able to make informed investment decisions on your own. You will understand how it works and how the prices are influenced by various macroeconomic factors.

Additionally, we teach investment strategies that the legendary investor Warren Buffett uses himself. Learn various valuation models and discover the art of value investing and increase your wealth substantially amidst the increasing inflated market.


We also cover Technical analysis but not in a traditional way. Our AI-powered technical analysis uses sophisticated calculations to determine future price projection with greater accuracy. You will gain access to that for FREE with this course by visiting Amassing Investment

Following this, we teach you how to manage your emotions and succeed in the market. We explore different mentalities of naive and smart investors and help you avoid psychological mistakes, which we call ‘7 Deadly sins of investing.’

This course is created by actual Hedge Fund managers who actively manage millions of dollars in funds and not some online stock gurus.

We welcome you all to join us in this wonderful learning session and become a smart investor yourself.



Basics of Investing

Why Investment is Better than Savings | Investment vs Savings
Common Assets to Invest in the Stock Market
Factors that Influence the stock Market
Myth Buster

Power of Investing

Compounding Effect – 8th Wonder of the World
Dividends – Passive Income Source
Tax Benefits of Investing
Protection against Inflation

Investment Strategies

Top Down Investing
Bottom Up Investing
Value Investing
Technical Analysis

Financial Statements & Statistics

Learn to Read Financial Statements
Find Better Stocks with Financial Statistics

Valuation 101

Introduction to Valuation
Valuation Methods
Relative Valuation
DCF Valuation


Introduction to Derivatives
Futures & Options
Advantages of Trading F&O
Drawbacks of Future & Options Trading

Options Trading

Introduction to Options
Important Option Terminologies
Factors Affecting Stock Option’s Price
Introduction to Greeks
Basic Option Trading Strategies

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