Complete Javascript & jQuery Course with Bonus Vue JS Intro

Learn Javascript, jQuery and Ajax from the start + Bonus Intro to Vue JS 3. Incudes complete written course material!

What you will learn

The basics of Javascript from Beginner to Advanced

AJAX and HTTP Requests

Get external data from APIs and Work with JSON format

Build dynamic web applications with Javascript

The basics of Front End Web Development


In this course you will learn JAVASCRIPT in a very natural and intuitive way. Our step by step method of teaching mixed with exercises, real life examples, challenges and projects will make you feel very confident with the language and become a professional Javascript programmer in just a few weeks.

The course includes a complete jQuery section with exercises and a cool project where you will build an online t-shirt price calculator with multiple filters.

There’s also one whole section about AJAX and JSON where we will get external data from APIs to use in our web applications. The ending project of this section is building a Quiz Game where users can play live and try to beat the computer on questions about Music, Science, History, Entertainment and many other topics. 

BONUS: We’ve recently included a new section fully dedicated to give you a great introduction to Vue JS. Get ready to learn modern web development with the most popular Javascript framework in the industry.

If you want to learn Javascript with ease and boost your developer career, just enroll in the course today. You will get instant lifetime access and money back guarantee so you can learn at your own pace anytime you want. 




First Steps With Javascript

Intro to the Course

First Steps with Javascript

Javascript Syntax

DOM – Document Object Model

Working With The DOM

Basics of Javascript


Data Types: Strings

Data Types: Numbers (Part 1)

Data Types: Numbers (Part 2)

Data Types: Booleans

Data Types: Null and Undefined

Exercise #1 – Solution (Part 1)

Exercise #1 – Solution (Part 2)

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