Coding Essentials – Logic Building for Beginners

What you will learn


Understand the building blocks of programming


Concepts before you start learning programming languages and advanced topics


Identify how to break down a problem statement & build logical thinking mindset


Learn to illustrate the steps required to solve a problem


Are you an absolute beginner looking forward to kickstart your journey in the programming domain. Coding can be hard skill learn to learn for many but no more. Welcome to Coding Essentials, the most fundamental course that every aspiring programmer should take to kickstart their journey in the world of programming. The course teaches you the fundamental building blocks – before you start writing code in any programming language.

You will understand the basic concepts and techniques to break down a given problem into smaller parts by drawing flowcharts, write pseudocode, and real code is also demonstrated using Python.

The course is your first step towards problem solving, and will help you to get your basics right. After this course, you can easily pursue a course on learning a programming language of your choice, followed by Data Structures, Algorithms & Competitive Programming. Many top companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Directi, CodeNation, Goldman Sachs etc encourage Competitive Programming and conduct coding competitions to hire smart people who can solve problems.

This course is taught by Prateek Narang, who is not just a software engineer but a teacher by heart. He has worked with companies like Google, and has co-founded two startups including Coding Minutes. He is currently working as Instructor & Engineer at Scaler, and has helped many students to achieve their dreams.





A Note!


Building Blocks of Flowchart
Flowchart – Simple Interest
Flowchart – Largest Number
Flowchart – Sum of first N numbers
Flowchart – Prime Number
Flowchart – Sum of Multiple Inputs
Flowchart – Greatest Common Divisor
Flowchart – Bank Employee
Flowchart – Bank Security Guard
Assignment – I


Pseudocode – Notation
Pseudocode – Simple Interest
Pseudocode – Largest of 3 Numbers
Pseudocode – Sum of N Numbers
Pseudocode – Prime or Not
Pseudocode – Sum of N Inputs
Pseudocode – GCD
Star Pattern
Star Pyramid

Writing Code

Code Simple Interest
Code Largest of 3
Code Sum of N Inputs
Code Prime Number
Code Star Pyramid Pattern


Number Pyramid Pattern

Bonus Section

Bonus Lesson


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