Cloud Computing For Managers with Google Cloud

Get introduced to cloud computing with latest cloud practices including serverless compute on Google Cloud Platform

What you will learn

Explore what and why of Cloud Computing

Get started quickly with free Google Cloud account

Practice serverless processing of data with popular Google Cloud Tools

Practice Event Driven Processing by decoupling systems

Practice decoupling of data and processing with Google Storage and Google BigQuery

Practice serverless tools like BigQuery, PubSub, Cloud Functions and FireStore

Practice Google Site Reliability Engineering including cloud security and monitoring

Setup Alerts and Notifications to your mobile from Cloud


Have you ever wondered when it comes to cloud computing, others in the organization or your friends or colleagues have moved way ahead of you and you are trying to catch up with them? Or you have already started adopting cloud computing but wonder if you are doing it all wrong? Then you have come to the right place. I have helped thousands of people in similar situations for the last five years. I am Ganapathi Devappa, A cloud and big data coach. I am a Google Certified professional cloud architect and I have coached developers to develop better applications, architects to design better solutions and managers to better manage cloud and big data systems.

I was helping a retail chain store with setting up its cloud infrastructure. Eric is a vice president there and he calls me one evening and asks if I can help with a problem. He just got this sales data from a branch and he has to do this analysis and give a presentation in the morning but their database people have already left. He is frantic. I ask him to calm down and walk him through his cloud account and he got his report like top 10 products sold within minutes. He was a hero at the meeting with the CEO next day as he narrated how he did it on the cloud with serverless computing. He tells me that now whenever his CEO sees him, he goes ‘Eric, serverless’. I will be showing you how I walked him to use Google Cloud.

Cloud computing has become pervasive now. Every organization is taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing to build better systems and save costs. You don’t want to be left too far behind. When others talk about serverless computing, decoupling data and compute, event-driven architecture you don’t want to just nod. You may want to share how you implemented these and how you are making a difference in your organization. Everyone on this planet, at least everyone I know has heard of Google. Google cloud platform is one of the leading providers of cloud computing along with Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure. By the time you are done with this course, you will know specific tools on the Google cloud platform that will meet your business case. You will practice various google platform tools for storing data, processing data, and analyzing data, set up a secure cloud platform, and implement the best cloud practices. Won’t you feel good to guide your developers and architects to design and build better cloud systems and provide inputs for your higher ups to move towards cloud? That’s what you could accomplish from this course.
This is a hands-on course as it includes eighteen(18) practice demos that make you learn many aspects of Google Cloud. Many activities are suggested at the end of every section to take your learning to new levels.


Lecture2: Course Prerequisites
Lecture 3: Course Structure
Lecture4: What is Cloud Computing?
Lecture5: Why Cloud Computing?
Lecture6: Disadvantages of Cloud
Download Practice Data
Lecture7: Demo and Practice Exercise: Create Google Cloud Account
Demo02: Demo and Practice Exercise: Analyze Data in Minutes
Cloud Solution Highlights
Google Cloud Storage
Demo03: Demo and Practice Exercise – Google Cloud Storage
Serverless Computing
What is serverless processing?
Google BigQuery
BigQuery SQL
Demo and Practice Exercise : Explore BigQuery SQL
Demo and Practice Exercise: External tables
Time travel with BigQuery
Partitioned tables in BigQuery
Demo and Practice Exercise: Time travel and Partitioning with BigQuery
Cloud Pub/Sub
Demo and Practice Exercise: Cloud pub/sub
Event Driven Systems
Cloud Functions
Demo and Practice Exercise: Cloud Functions
Cloud Firestore
Demo and Practice Exercise: Cloud Firestore
Demo and Practice Exercise: Storage, pub/sub, cloud functions and BigQuery
Demo and Practice Exercise: Storage, pub/sub, Cloud firestore continued
Section 3: Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage
Data in the bucket
Compression and Encryption
Solve Common Problems
Life Cycle Policies
Storage Formats
Storage Best Practices
Demo and practice session: Creating a bucket and set up lifecycle rules
Demo and practice exercise: Lifecycle policies
Section 4: Cloud Security
Shared responsibility model
Service Accounts
Types of Roles
Storing PII data
Demo and Practice Exercises: Google IAM
Section 5: Cloud Monitoring
Google SRE
Cloud Operations
Service Levels
Cloud Logging
Cloud Monitoring
Trace, Debug and Profiling
Best Practices
Demo and Practice Exercises: Explore Logs
Demo and Practice Exercises: Create Log based metrics
Demo and Practice Exercises: Monitoring
Demo and Practice Exercises: Create custom dashboards
Demo and Practice Exercises: Create notification channels and alerts
Section 6: Conclusion
Miscellaneous Tools on Google Cloud
What Next?
Extra Section: Architecture Examples
Principles for Big Data
Principles for Cloud
Case study 1: Analyze payment risks
Case study2: New product analysis
Case study3: Product Recommendation
Case study4: Log File Analysis

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