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Climate change is a major challenge because of the magnitude of the potential effects and the uncertainty associated with climate change projections (when will they happen and how big the impact). In recent years there has been a growing concern on how we can predict, measure and manage the risks that come from climate change. Because it´s a new topic, there is not much information about it, so this course will be a good start to assess how exposed you can be.

If you are a decision maker or a risk manager, this course will help you master the basics of climate change risks and how you can mitigate them to reduce their impact. If you are a person concerned about climate risks and how they can affect you, this course is also for you.

In this course you will learn what climate risk is, why it is important to you, the types of climate risks and their potential impact, how you can measure and manage climate risks, and if there are any interesting opportunities that can come from climate risks. There are also a couple of bonus lectures about green and blue bonds, both innovations came from climate change risks.

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