Chinese Dining Etiquette & Healthy Asian Cuisine Cooking

Understand Chinese dining customs & learn to cook healthy Asian cuisine.

What you will learn


Learn some crucial tips & important rules in Chinese drinking etiquette which might help you to land a profitable business deal over a Chinese business dinner.


Understand the seating arrangement during a business or a formal banquet and the manner in eating with Lazy Suzi (Round Turn Table).


Learn about Chinese tea drinking etiquette and know the dos & don’ts when handling chopsticks.


Learn how to make some tasty stir-fry dishes that cook in 15 minutes so you can get through with your busy lifestyle and still be able to feed your family.


Learn to cook & eat some hearty, healthy and mouth-watering dishes like the Malaysian fruits & vegetables salad, stir-fry rice noodles, caramel walnuts.


I am passionate about cooking and eating healthy plant-based food. I created this fun mini-course with 2 sections, A & B. In Section A, you’ll learn about Chinese dining etiquette. In section B, you’ll gain hands-on experience in making delicious healthy Asian food.


In Chinese custom, table manners play an important part in making a favourable impression. At the end of this course, you will gain crucial knowledge on Chinese dining etiquette which could help you to develop relationships and cement new business deals with your Chinese counterpart. Also, you will be able to make tasty Asian meals as good as takeaway food in your kitchen.


In section A, you will learn about the formal dinner seating arrangement, eating with a “Lazy Susan” (round turntable), followed by chopsticks etiquette, Chinese tea and alcohol drinking customs. In section B, the course will teach you how to make an easy one-pot soup and a refreshing salad that are high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Then you will learn how to make quick stir-fry vegetable dishes that are a great addition to weight-loss and heart-healthy diets. It doesn’t stop there, to satisfy your sweet tooth, you are going to make a remarkably tasty simple three ingredients dessert.




Introduction and Welcome

Introduction & Welcome – Chinese Dining Etiquette & Cook Healthy Asian Cuisine

Section A – Chinese Dining Etiquette

Seating Arrangement
Eating with a Lazy Susan (Round Turntable)
Chopsticks Etiquette
Drinking Etiquette for Tea
Drinking Etiquette for Alcohol

Section B – Cook Healthy Asian Cuisine (Soup and Salad)

Peanut Lotus Root Soup with Goji Berries – Preparation (Mise En Place)
Peanut Lotus Root Soup with Goji Berries – Making the Soup
Rojak (Malaysian Fruit and Vegetable Salad) – Preparation (Mise En Place)
Pan Tossing Technique Part 1
Pan Tossing Technique Part 2
Assemble the Salad

Cook Healthy Asian Cuisine (Main Course and Side Dishes)

White Button Mushrooms with Garlic, Wine & Coriander – Preparing the Ingredients
Stir-fry White Button Mushrooms with Garlic, Wine & Coriander – Cooking the Dish
Stir-fry the broccoli – Preparing the Ingredients
Stir-fry the broccoli – Cooking the Dish
Asian Stir-Fry Rice Noodles – Preparing the Ingredients
Asian Stir-Fry Rice Noodles – Cooking the Dish

Cook Healthy Asian Cuisine (Dessert)

Caramel Walnuts


Thank you!


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