ChatGPT for SOC Analyst: Master Cyber Security with AI

ChatGPT for Cyber Security, 10x your productivity with AI in Cyber, 100+ ChatGPT 4 Plugins, 50+ Cyber Security Prompts

What you will learn

Learn how AI and ChatGPT are transforming cyber security

Master over 100 ChatGPT 4 plugins for cyber tasks

Create and customize AI agents for security needs

Automate the gathering and analysis of threat intelligence

Use ChatGPT to streamline vulnerability management

Save time with AI-powered log analysis

Integrate ChatGPT with SIEM systems for incident response

Set up a personal AI lab for hands-on learning

Explore 50+ ChatGPT prompts for cyber security

Utilize ChatGPT with cyber security investigation tools

Decode malicious commands and SQL injections using AI

Prepare for cyber security certifications with AI

Automate incident analysis and response with ChatGPT

Conduct real-time incident analysis using ChatGPT


Are you ready to master ChatGPT for Cyber Security and make your job 10x easier? Integrate AI into your basic tasks and set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in cyber security field.

Gain access to 100+ ChatGPT 4 plugins and learn 50+ different ChatGPT prompts for Cyber Security Analyst. Each prompt is gateway to simplifying complex tasks, allowing you to:

  • Automate Threat Intelligence: Discover how AI can automate the collection and analysis of threat intelligence, keeping you ahead of hackers.
  • Enhance Vulnerability Management: Utilize ChatGPT prompts to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, streamlining your patch management process.
  • Refine Phishing Detection: Train ChatGPT to identify and classify phishing attempts with greater accuracy, using natural language processing to analyze the content of emails.
  • Analyze Logs for Advanced Insights: Transform your approach to log analysis with AI and save time during incident response.

You will also create FREE hands-on personal lab integrated with OpenAI model.


  • Build Your Personal AI Lab for FREE: Set up a hands-on personal lab integrated with the OpenAI model, enabling practical experimentation and learning.
  • Custom AI Agent Creation: Dive into the creation of your own AI agents in the cloud, tailored to your specific security needs and explore the extensive customization possibilities of AI in cybersecurity.
  • SIEM Integration: Master the art of connecting ChatGPT with your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, automating incident detection and response with AI precision.

Why Choose This Course?

By mastering the application of ChatGPT and AI in your daily tasks, you’ll not only make your job easier but also elevate your position as a cybersecurity expert in this rapidly evolving field.

A Sneek Peek into Cyber Security Mastery with ChatGPT


Getting Started with ChatGPT for Cyber Security

Understanding the Evolution: ChatGPT 3.5 vs 4.0
How to Register for OpenAI
Waiting List for ChatGPT 4.0
Foundamentals ChatGPT Prompts for Cyber Security
Perfect Study Partner for Cyber Security Certifications with ChatGPT
ChatGPT Prompts for Cyber Security Investigation with Tools
Decoding Malicious Commands with ChatGPT
Generating Queries for Incident Analysis with ChatGPT
Demystifying SQL Injection with ChatGPT
How to Identify Phishing Email with ChatGPT for SOC Analyst
Using ChatGPT to Analyze Excel Macros for Potential Threats
Creating Excel Macro with ChatGPT
How to Run Excel Macro Created by OpenAI
Understanding Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures for Security Analyst
Pass SOC Analyst Interview Questions with ChatGPT
Scanning Capabilities for Cyber Security with ChatGPT
Advanced ChatGPT Prompts for SOC Analyst
Exploring Alternative AI Source Featuring Google Bard

Advanced Prompts with ChatGPT 4 for Cyber Security Analyst

AI Impact on Cyber Security Jobs: Myth or Reality?
ChatGPT 4: Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence
Setting up ChatGPT 4 for Cybersecurity
Access Custom ChatGPT Agents from Marketplace
ChatGPT Agents for Cybersecurity
Search for Latest CVEs with ChatGPT
Search for Vulnerabilities with ChatGPT
AI Generated Threat Intelligence
Web Hacking ChatGPT Agent
Perform Code Analysis for Cybersecurity with ChatGPT
Get Latest Cybersecurity News with this ChatGPT Agent
Advance Phishing Email Analysis with ChatGPT 4
Can you Look for Indicators of Compromise with ChatGPT?
Create Queries to Analyze Logs with ChatGPT
Pen Testing with ChatGPT Agents
Summary of ChatGPT 4 for Cybersecurity Analyst

Master Cloud Security with ChatGPT in Azure

ChatGPT Inside Azure for Cyber Security
Prerequisites for Cyber Security Lab with ChatGPT
Introduction to Free SIEM for Cyber Security Lab
Overview of Cyber Security Lab for SOC Analyst
Troubleshooting Potential Problems with Security Lab
Creating SIEM for SOC Analyst in Cloud
How to Create Cyber Security Incidents for ChatGPT Investigation
Exploring Pricing for Azure OpenAI
How to Create ChatGPT in Azure
How to Deploy ChatGPT 4 model in Azure
Customize ChatGPT for Cyber Security Prompts

Enhance Incident Investigation with ChatGPT and SIEM Solution

Prerequisites for ChatGPT Lab
Setup Correct Privileges for ChatGPT Playbook
How to Connected ChatGPT with SIEM Solution
Run ChatGPT Playbook on Cyber Security Incidents
Improvements to Automation with ChatGPT
Investigation of Cyber Security Incidents with ChatGPT 4.0
How to Automate Incident Response with ChatGPT 3.5
Create API Key for ChatGPT Integration
Making Final Adjustments to ChatGPT Playbook
Real Time Incident Analysis with ChatGPT 3.0
BONUS: Other Implementations with Microsoft Sentinel

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