Capital Efficient Startup Case Study with Sramana Mitra

What you will learn


How To Build a Startup with a Small Amount of Capital.


How to bootstrap a tech startup.


Case studies of an entrepreneur building a capital efficient startup.


How to go to VCs as kings, not beggars.


The importance of validation for fund raising.


The 1Mby1M Methodology is based on case studies. In each course, Sramana Mitra shares the tribal knowledge of tech entrepreneurs by giving students the rare seat at the table with the entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders who provide the most instructive perspectives on how to build a thriving business. Through these conversations, students gain access to case studies exploring the alleys of entrepreneurship. Sramana’s synthesis of key learnings and incisive analysis add great depth to each discussion.

Most businesses can be launched in a capital efficient manner. Most businesses can go a long way in a bootstrapped mode. As long as you’re not taking on capital guzzlers like drug discovery or semiconductor chips, you have many options to explore.

At 1Mby1M, we don’t insist on fund raising. A bootstrapped, capital-efficient, million dollar business is considered a success in our worldview, as long as you are profitable and sustainable.

What is bootstrapping? It’s what happens when you use your own resources, which you control, to build a business.

There are different bootstrapping methods, so if you study all of them ahead of time, you’ll be able to cross the first barrier of getting your venture off the ground.

After that, consider what kind of business to start.

E-commerce, for example, is a very popular side-hustle for numerous entrepreneurs. It is also a popular home-based business chosen by solo founders. You can get started by selling a product on Amazon or eBay marketplace with very little investment.

Finally, consider innovative startup ideas and the methodology of ideation. Learn how to ideate effectively.

Remember, a bootstrapped, capital-efficient, million dollar business can offer you a wonderful lifestyle and a rewarding journey.

Let’s get started.




How to Build a Startup with a Small Amount of Capital

Capital Efficient Startup Case Study
Probability of Fund Raising

Case Study Methodology

Case Study-Based Learning

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