C++ Basics – As Soon As Possible

What you will learn


Do general purpose programming using c++.


Will be able to take user input and display it rightly.


Will be able to do conditions and iterations in c++.


Will be able to handle arrays and strings well.


Will be able to create, use and manipulate functions.


Will understand fundamentals of pointers.


Will get to know the concept of class and build examples.


Will know tricks related to display, random number, time-date, escape sequences etc.


C++ is one of the most popular and most complete programming language which is not only a major enhancement to the language C, but an enhancement which stood the test of time. The current course aims at teaching this course to a novice user in a way that from the very first minute the learner starts writing the program, without learning too much theory.

Course Contents:
– 50 Video Sessions.
– Attached resource with source code of sessions.
– Section Level Quizzes.
– All basic topics like conditions, loops, strings, arrays, functions
  classes are covered in with help of easy to understand examples.

Upto 6 Hours should be sufficient to cover the course. If you keep doing your own samples based on the examples given you can keep increasing your expertise level and can finally reach an expert level.

This course should be taken to:
– Know about c++ programming quickly
– Learn enough to clear this subject at your school/college level.
– To clear interviews related to a job in Information Technology.
– To pass related IT Certification with some more practice test
  done at your level.  




Introducing the Basics

About the course
Displaying “Hello World”
Chaining Multiple String Literals
Stream Extraction for Input
Building Simple Formulas
Fractional Data Types and Constants
Building Expressions and Precedence of Operators
C++ Introductory Quiz

Conditions and Loops

Simple If-else conditions
Nested if-else
Nested if-else 2
Simple for loop
Moving from for to while Loop
Condition Followed by Loop
Exit controlled loop – do-while
Retrial using do-while
Simple Switch
Switch Based Menu
Continue and Break in Loop
Nested Loop
Nested Loop – Flyod’s Triangle
Conditions and Loops Quiz

Strings and Arrays

Using codeblock and learning string basics
Finding String Length
Reversing a String
Concatenating Strings
Array Basics
Array Traversing
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
Strings and Arrays Quiz


Making a Function
Returning Value From Function
Partial Parameters and Parameter Initialization
Passing by Value or By Reference
Passing Array as Function Parameter
Multiple Value Collection by Passing Reference
Functions Quiz


Basic Concept of Pointer
More Concepts of Pointers
Pointers for Array Index Movement
Pointers Quiz


Concepts of classes
More Concepts of Classes
Scoping Class Methods
Scoping variables
Object copying (Assignment/Copy Constructor Method)
Understanding Abstraction & Encapsulation
Classes Quiz

Tips and Tricks

Displaying Neatly
Random Numbers
Date and Time Functions
Escape sequences
Signed-Unsigned Purpose


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