Bright Side and Dark Side of Freelancing for Beginners

Unfolding 17 Years of Freelancing Experience | Dark Side of Freelancing | Bright Side of Freelancing

What you will learn

You will be able to decide whether online freelancing is a good choice for you or not

Prepare yourself better before jumping into online freelancing

You will learn behind the scene of this career without going through the painful journey yourself

You’ll learn bright side and benefits of freelancing


UPDATE (October 29, 2019): This course has been updated with “Bright Side of Freelancing”.

So you are curious about online freelancing career?

Hold on… is it for you? Are you ready to do whatever it takes?

I’m unfolding 17 years of freelancing experience along with useful insights that you can listen and understand.

Don’t let someone fool you by telling, “Anyone can do freelancing, it’s so easy and fun”.

They are misleading you.

Freelancing is not for everyone and it is not easy at all.

Although, freelancing is a very good lifestyle with freedom but it takes hard and smart work as well as consistency on daily basis to reach to the high level game where you work less and earn more with freedom of time.

And, there is a dark side which you have to go through and I’m making this series to tell you what is that.

Many marketers and sellers don’t tell you the truth, it may put a dent in their sales.

Why most freelancers don’t usually talk about it?

Because, it is so embarrassing to admit that freelance lifestyle isn’t exactly what they thought about before.

So go through this freelancing for beginners and make a better decision by understanding dark side vs bright side.

Note: This is not a freelancing training of any freelancing website. It’s a video lecture series to share real experiences.





What Do You Need to Know?

How to Change Playback Speed to Listen Slow or Fast (Added: Oct 29, 2018)

Who Am I the Dark Side and Bright Side Teller?

Dark Side of Freelancing Online Series

Face the Isolation Darkness

You Are NOT Your Own Boss

Forget About Job Benefits

Technical Skills Are Not Enough

Waste Your Time in Finding Work

Survive in Spam and Bidding War

Wear Multiple Hats

Day and Night Routine

Active and Digitally Connected

You Cannot be Lazy

Suffer the Sickness

Distraction and Lack of Focus

Focus Market Trending

Earning Issue May Depress You

Online Platform Prisoner

Freelancing Career Destruction

Bright Side of Freelancing Online Series (Added Oct 29, 2019)

Introduction to Benefits of Freelancing

Control Your Job

Be Your Own Boss

Work From Anywhere

Exercise at Home

Earn As Much As You Can

Work from Any Location

Control Accepting Work

Flexible Work Hours

Less Sick, No External Environment

Multiple Skills

Reply When You Want

Take Breaks


Don’t Fear but Prepare Yourself

Final Action

Bonus Lecture: Ways to Connect

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