Bookkeeping Basics for Freelancers and Online Sellers

How to set up a simple and effective bookkeeping system WITHOUT expensive software (explained in plain language!)

What you will learn

Understand important bookkeeping terms (only the ones you need to know about!)

Record and organize your income and expenses without the use of expensive softwares

Choose the right bookkeeping system for you and your business

Implement an effective bookkeeping system so you can stay organized for tax time

Understand key financial statements and which ones matter for submitting your taxes

Identify whether you’re making a profit in your online business


You love being able to make money online, but you DON’T love the bookkeeping aspect of it.

If you’re a freelancer, online seller or entrepreneur, or you’re someone with an online side hustle, this course will teach you everything you need to know about bookkeeping in plain, simple language so you can stay organized for tax time and clearly see if you’re turning a profit.

And by the way…

You don’t need expensive software like QuickBooks.

You don’t even need to hire an expensive CPA or bookkeeper.

You just need to put a simple bookkeeping system in place that keeps track of your income and expenses (along with these CPA-approved shortcuts, tips and tricks that I’ve curated for you in this course!).

“Before Noel’s course, I was lost in a sea of receipts and tax worries. Now, I handle my online store’s books with ease. It’s saved me time and a lot of stress!”  – Aimee Rivera


As a Certified Public Accountant serving clients for 25+ years, it’s my mission to share my expertise with more people for the modern-day economy so you can avoid costly mistakes and fees when it comes time to submit your tax return.

A few things you will learn inside this course:

  • Understanding bookkeeping terms that you need to know
  • Choosing the right bookkeeping system for you and my recommended tools to use
  • Easy steps to record and organize your income & expenses
  • Getting to know your key financial statements and how to read them
  • Tax basics like what documents to have ready

and more (preview the curriculum below).

By the end of this course, you will have a clear plan for how to set up a simple and effective bookkeeping system for your online business or side hustle.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!


Noel Lorenzana, CPA

A Simple Introduction to Bookkeeping

Why Bookkeeping Matters
Important Bookkeeping Terms Simplified

Setup Your Bookkeeping System the Easy Way

Choosing a System: Computerized or Manual Bookkeeping?
Essential Bookkeeping Tools for Beginners

Recording & Organizing Your Transactions with Ease

Easy Steps for Recording Income and Expenses
Smart Tips to Stay Organized

Getting to Know Financial Reports

Profit & Loss Statements: Why They Matter for You
Don’t Worry About the Balance Sheet…

Tax Basics Made Simple

Your Quick Guide to Taxes
Organizing Your Tax Documents

Conclusion and Next Steps

Let’s Recap What You’ve Learned
Stay Confident and Keep Expanding Your Knowledge

What’s Next?


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