Basics of Voice and Multimodal User Interfaces (VUI/MUI).

Introduction to Voice UIs (VUI), Multimodal UIs (MUI), and Sound UIs (SUI).

What you will learn

Understand Voice User Interfaces (VUIs).

Explore Popular VUI Use Cases and Its Future Potential.

Learn About The Recent Popularity and Challenges of VUIs.

Explore Multimodal User Interfaces (MUIs).

Discover The DIfference Between Sound User Interfaces (SUIs) and User Interface Sounds.


In this course, we will mainly focus on understanding and learning more about Voice User Interfaces (VUIs), as well as briefly discuss Multimodal User Interfaces (MUIs) and Sound User Interfaces (SUIs) given the connection between these types of interfaces.

Voice User Interfaces allow us to interact with systems, often assistants, such as Siri and Alexa. Over the past few years, controlling and interacting with smart devices through voice, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text has become quite popular.

Since many application use more than voice only, which we refer to as multimodal, we will also discuss multimodal user interfaces and how they integrate with voice.

Although this is primarily a design and research course, development of Alexa Skills for example will taught as well. During the introductory course, I will talk about the possibilities and opportunities that VUIs have to offer. VUI design is a relatively new field, which makes it quite exciting, but equally important to pick up the right skills and follow a process that has proven to work.

Since 2017, I started writing about VUIs, have spoken at conferences about VUI Design, have been working for several companies, including HSBC, as the VUI Design Lead and will be more than happy to teach you the process, techniques, tools, and more that I produced, learned to use and mastered during my career as VUI designer, as well as share with you relevant take-ways from my years working as a Senior UX/UI Designer.




What You Will Learn From This Course

Voice User Interfaces (VUIs, Multimodal UIs (MUIs), and Sound UIs (SUIs).

Voice User Interfaces Explained
Examples of Voice User Interfaces
Multimodal User Interfaces Explained
Examples of Multimodal User Interfaces
Sound User Interfaces and User Interface Sounds

VUI Use Cases and Its Future Potential.

Why VUIs Are Becoming Increasingly Popular
Challenges With Using VUIs Today
How VUIs Can Augment Almost Every User Experience

Quiz and Assignment.

Voice User Interfaces Compared to Multimodal User Interfaces
Difference Between SUIs and User Interface Sounds
Recap Of VUI Usage Today and Its Future Potential

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