Architectural Shop Drawing Plans in AutoCAD 2020

Learn how to draw the architectural plans of a architectural project ( Shop Drawing ) + AutoCAD basics Commands

What you will learn

Basics Commands in AutoCAD

Draw Architectural 2D Plans of the Project

Draw Architectural views of the Project

Draw Architectural sections of the Project


Part 1: Learn the basics commands in AutoCAD to be ready to the shop drawing practice ( How to draw lines, How to draw polyline, Copy, Move, Mirror, Offset, Fillet, Trim, Rotate, How to draw X-line, How to draw circle, How to draw Hatch in AutoCAD, How to do match properties in AutoCAD, How to print a sheet in AutoCAD.

Part 2:  Architectural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD 2020

Do you need more practice with AutoCAD? Follow along as we take a 2D building floor plan, amend it by adding extra floors and create a site layout of a whole office park.

If you have learned the basics of AutoCAD, or have played around with it but need more practice, this course will help you feel more confident and comfortable using the industry-standard CAD application.

This course follows a realistic project to allow you to learn a typical workflow as well as learning and practicing new skills. Throughout this AutoCAD course, you’ll be creating your own realistic project that is indicative of the kind you might be asked to create in the workplace. You will learn how to produce a professional drawing to industry standards and hopefully inspire you to do even more.



Part 1 Basics Commands Commands in AutoCAD 2020

Line, Polyline, Points in AutoCAD 2020
How to draw rectangle in AutoCAD 2020
Copy and move in AutoCAD 2020
How to draw circle in AutoCAD 2020
Offset in AutoCAD 2020
Mirror in AutoCAD 2020
Rotate in AutoCAD 2020
Fillet in AutoCAD 2020
Chamfer in AutoCAD 2020
Extend and Trim in AutoCAD 2020
X-line in AutoCAD 2020
Hatch in AutoCAD 2020
Layers properties in AutoCAD 2020
How to draw Multiline in AutoCAD 2020
How to draw arc in AutoCAD 2020
Scale and Stretch in AutoCAD 2020
Text in AutoCAD 2020
Dimensions create edit and Style
Print in AutoCAD 2020

Part 2 Architectural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD 2020

Define Layers and Axes
Draw Walls
Draw Walls Part 2
Draw the Doors
Draw Windows and complete the plan
Draw the other architectural plans with fast method
Draw View A
Draw View B
Draw View C
Draw View D
Section A A
Section B-B

About the course

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