Alternative Paths To Addiction Recovery

Learn about alternative paths to addiction recovery, other than the 12 steps.

What you will learn

Learn about alternative paths to addiction recovery, other than the 12 steps.

Learn about science based programs

Learn about trauma-informed treatments

Learn about EMDR

Look at multiple pathways to recovery, with or without a program

Should you count sober todays?


This course is designed to be a deep dive into the realm of addiction recovery, offering participants an expansive view beyond the confines of traditional 12-step programs. We meticulously explore a multitude of alternative methodologies, ranging from evidence-based practices to holistic approaches, each offering its own unique perspective on the path to recovery. Through in-depth analysis, we illuminate the underlying philosophies, therapeutic techniques, and real-world efficacy of these diverse programs, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of their options.

Moreover, our exploration extends beyond the surface of addiction itself, delving into the intricate relationship between trauma and substance abuse. Recognizing the profound impact of trauma on addiction, we equip participants with invaluable insights and practical strategies to address and overcome underlying traumas. By addressing these root causes, participants are empowered to embark on a journey of holistic healing, laying the foundation for long-term recovery and resilience.


Central to our approach is the understanding that there is no universal solution to addiction recovery. Each individual brings their own unique experiences, challenges, and needs to the table, necessitating a personalized and flexible approach to treatment. As such, our course serves not as a prescriptive guide, but rather as a comprehensive roadmap, offering participants a wealth of knowledge and resources to navigate their own recovery journey. By embracing this diversity of options, individuals are empowered to explore and experiment with different modalities, ultimately crafting a recovery plan that resonates with their values, preferences, and goals.


Introduction – Welcome To This Course!

Different Paths To Recovery

SMART Recovery
LifeRing Secular Recovery
Recovery Dharma
Women For Sobriety
Moderation Management
The St Clair Method
The Freedom Model

What Works For YOU?

Do I Need A Program?
How Do I Choose A Program?
Should I Count Days?
PAWS – Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Trauma And Addiction

What Is The Link Between Trauma & Addiction?
Dr Gabor Mate On Addiction
Types Of Trauma Therapies


Conclusion And Thank You For Joining!

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