Advanced validation in laravel

A lot of information about validation in laravel

What you will learn

How to clearly organize validation in laravel

How particular validation rules working

How to send a message error if validation fail

Why validation on backend is better than validation on frontend


In these free videos you will see how you can organize advanced validation in laravel, how particular validation rules working, how to send a message error if validation fail so frontend developer could see what was wrong and organize frontend layer for better user experience, you fill also find out hhy validation on backend is better than validation on frontend. Remember that validation is very importend because this prevent you to see in database data that you wouldn’t see, and thanks to it, you can avoid many errors and problems during fetching data from database. I am very similar to you. I was learning programming from video courses like here in this website, youtube etc. I was frustrated because none of the course presented code in simple language and with details, even courses titled every line of code explained from 5 stars instructors. My goal was to not leave you with the questions like where this or this is comming from or why he didn’t tell anything about that or that. I am using simple words and examples if I want to ilustrate something, so everyone could understand things that seems to be very complicated when you reading about them or watching in other courses.



Laravel validation

Structure of validation files
Validation rules part 1
Validation rules part 2
Function to show error message on frontend that validation failed
Rest validation and difference beetwen validation rules

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