Advanced Parenting Skills – BEST Parenting Class Ever!

Secrets They NEVER Taught You In School Or Life!

What you will learn

Learn How to Talk In A Way That Your Children Will Listen & Change!

Understand The Power Of Relationships & How To Use It Effectively

Be A Powerful Influence on Your Children

Learn HOW Your Kids Think!

Understand HOW To Use The Tools Of Consequences & Life Lessons

How to Instill Great Values In Your Children!

How To Have Less Conflict & MORE Love!

Learn How to Mentor Your Children Into Highly-Effective Adults

How To Have a Deeper & Stronger Relationship With Your Children


Parenting is an Amazingly Difficult and Complex Job!  How can You do it well with NO TRAINING? Fear Not! Now you can get the Training you need … And be in the TOP 1% of ALL Parents with these Amazing Tools and Skills.  I have Cutting-Edge Tools, Strategies and Techniques that can ONLY be Found Here !

STOP STRUGGLING! I spent 35 years as a Therapist teaching people how to stop the battle with their child .. and get back to the love.  I can Teach You too!

If you are a NEW Parent – This class is IDEAL for you too … WELCOME!

Here are just a FEW of the Tools/Skills you will learn:

1) Understand The Power Of Relationships & How To Use It

2) Develop A Mentoring Mindset & Be A Powerful Influence

3) Learn HOW Your Kids Think!

4) The Power Of Working As A Team

5) How to Talk In A Way That Your Children Will Listen & Change!

6) Consequences & Life Lessons

7) How to Instill Great Values!

8)  Have a Deeper, More Loving Relationship with your Child

And Much, Much More!

Gain the special advantages that other Parents WISH they had … it is all here waiting for you … Grab it NOW!





Goals & First Concepts

The Power Of Relationships

The Myth Of “Nothing To It Parenting”

The 2 Phases Of Parenting

The Power Of Mentoring Your Child

Teaching Values They Will Keep!

Parenting Basics … And Beyond!

Powerful Communication Skills

The Power Of Re-Framing & Building Agreements

WHY Do Kids Do The Things They Do?

“The Parent’s Pledge”

Disciplining The RIGHT Way!

The Power of “Life Lessons”

Bonus Lecture: Discounted Coupons 🙂

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