Advanced Interview Techniques Masterclass

It is not the best candidate who gets the job, it is the best convincer
What you will learn

What you will learn


Often bad candidates are great at interviewing, and great candidates are horrible at interviewing. Why? Top performers usually do not have time to prepare for the interview, they are too busy working. Make no mistake that interviewing is an art and a science. It is steeped in psychology and underpinned with tactical manoeuvres that when used correctly can provide an impressive competitive advantage.

I once had a client who had come to use after they hired the head of cardiac surgery at their hospital, only to find out once he stated that he did not even have a medical degree, he was a complete fraud. That is the scariest case of fraud I have ever seen and to be clear I was not involved in the hire, the client came to us after the fact to clean up the mess. The point is that this fraudster was so good at interviewing he convinced a panel of surgeons that he was qualified to lead the cardiac surgery unit, even though he had never performed surgery in his life.

The point is that these techniques in this section of the course are extremely powerful. Pay attention to the psychological principles that are at play and you will avoid some of the assessment quagmires people often fall prey to. Take note that there are two pages of course and we go over the STAR or CAR Method, then the 16 most common interview questions, subconscious communication, body language, and final tips.


Introduction & Your Personality

Introduction & Mindset before the Interview
Dress for Success
The Handshake Part I
The Handshake Part II

Interviewing Technique & Basics

The Interview Part I
The Interview Part II
CAR Method Explained
STAR Method Explained

Top 16 Interview Questions & Answers

Tell Me About Yourself?
What is Your Greatest Weakness?
What is Your 10 Year Vision?
What Are You Earning Now?
Why Did You Quit?
What Do Your Colleagues Say About You?
Why Are You Interested In This Job?
What Do You Know About The Company?
Do You Have Any Questions?
What Was Your Career’s Biggest Challenge?
Which Companies Are You Interviewing With?
What Are Your Leadership Challenges?
Tell Us About An Innovative Idea?
Did You Ever Have A Disagreement With A Colleague?
What Is Your Greatest Professional Achievement?
Success You Want To Achieve In The Next 5 Years

Mental Preparation & Body Language

Subconscious Communication
Sculpting Technique
The Stress Interview
Create A Vision
Body Language
Last Tips & Final Words

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