A Guide to Time Management, Productivity & Work-Life Balance

Change Your Life Overnight and Live with Less Stress
What you will learn

What you will learn


Go from theory to action to results! You will learn how to improve work-life balance, get more done, work to your cadence, reduce stress, avoid procrastination, accelerate productivity and focus on what really matters.

Achieving what you want each day

There are so many things we want to get done and we tend to throw ourselves into the day’s work without:

  • calculating the total estimated time across all to-do’s for the day
  • comparing that to the available time after meetings and other commitments
  • factoring in a reasonable allowance for unplanned interruptions

Understanding the “unplanned time” for your role

For example, if you work in HR you may need to allow at least 120 minutes per day for unplanned interruptions from the executive, your colleagues and the employees you serve.

Whereas if you work in a deep R&D role, you may find that you only need to allow 30 minutes per day for unplanned interruptions.

Solve Procrastination

There are many factors to this and this course won’t cover the complex topics of life goals, career aspirations or how satisfied you are with your current role, remuneration and progression.

At a time management level, this course will help you solve procrastination by:

  • setting weekly priorities that guide what you will focus on each day
  • understanding your capacity and planned allocation of time, before you start each day
  • proactively factoring in allowances for quick to-do’s and unplanned interruptions
  • keeping you on track during the day



Introduction and Course Outline
Time Management Theories (History and Future)
Framework Check

Key Questions and Attributes to Time Management

Five Key Questions to Manage Your Time
Five Key Attributes to Time Management

Going from Theory to Action

Managing Your Work and Personal Calendars

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