50 Productivity Skills! Time Management & Laser Focus

Become a top-1% performer with 50 personal productivity skills in 1 mega-course! Time management, goal setting, and more

What you will learn

Be more productive in everything you work on starting today and for the rest of your career

Improve your focus, boost productivity, and master time management

Improve your long-term and short-term motivation

Select the most effective tasks to work on and get rid of things that don’t move you forward

Eliminate interruptions and start using software and apps to help you be more productive

Change your work area for an immediate productivity boost

The benefits of this course will be lasting for the rest of your life!


Get 50 productivity and self-improvement courses in 1 with this course that gives you:

  • Gives you productivity fundamentals
  • Eliminating interruptions
  • Getting your psychology optimized to maximize productivity strategies
  • Boosting your efficiency
  • Mobile apps and software tools to boost your focus and productivity
  • Organizing your work environment
  • Time management
  • Teach you mindfulness
  • Use mindfulness techniques to determine what the right things for you are to work on
  • Realizing your life purpose to direct your work in the most optimal direction
  • Use the pursuit of your life purpose to get you as motivated as possible and boost your long-term intrinsic motivation

This is a one-of-a-kind productivity course that will change the way you work and optimize your time to be much more efficient and productive. This course is so inclusive that it can easily be many different individual courses. But here, you get all the strategies and tips in one full and amazing course.

Sign up for this course, and become a productivity machine!

You will learn how to be productive in:

  • Your daily work
  • Your weekly scheduling
  • And most importantly, you will learn to choose the right projects to work on in order to take your life in its best and most optimal direction


In the course, I go over some productivity apps which might ask you for your email address, and some productivity products which are not free. I DO NOT collect any revenue or your emails for myself. I do not benefit from promoting those productivity products/apps. The only reason I recommend them in the course is that I think they will help you achieve the goals of the course.


I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15+ years, have coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs in person, taught 100,000+ students, impacted millions of entrepreneurs worldwide creating 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process, and I would love to help you.


* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

* Be entered to get chosen for my student of the month status and have your business featured


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.


This productivity course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you boost your productivity just like I’ve done for thousands of my other students.

Invest in your future. Enroll now and become a productivity star.



Productivity masterclass course introduction

WARM WELCOME TO YOU & Course introduction
Subtitles, video quality, your certificate, tips on watching & common course Q&A
Productivity overview – I want you to be the best
Helpful practice activity to start the course: journal of your distractions

Productivity fundamentals: practical productivity strategies on specific things

Opening up time in your day through the right focus on the right tasks
Chunking and Pomodoro techniques
Automation, delegation, and budgeting introduction
Running your business with 1-hour / day work with outsourcing/automation
10-20% of your time to work ON IT vs. IN IT
4 happiness hormones and how they affect our productivity, motivation and mood

Productivity Skill 1: Mindfulness & self-awareness to choose the right goals

All productivity starts with mindfulness
How to start practicing basic mindfulness today
How our changing technology and social environments effect our self awareness
Defense mechanism of displacing blame vs. mindfulness and self-awareness
Two mindfulness exercises
Let’s try to meditate together? 🙂

Productivity Skill 2: Life purpose and your greater direction

The history (genealogy) of life purpose
What exactly is this “life purpose” thing? And how to start finding it
Are organizations handing you their purposes to work on?
More exercises, questions, and actions to keep uncovering your life purpose
One more point on fining purpose
How I discovered/discovering my life purpose by following my curiosity

Productivity Skill 3: Getting your psychology working for maximum productivity

Zeigarnik effect – uneasiness about not finishing a task
Gaining perspective: the ability to identify and focus on what’s most important
Overwhelmed? break big tasks into small and manageable ones – put less pressure
Role of education in finding life purpose: job vs. humanity/thinking/feeling
Story from Dostoevsky about life purpose and not wasting time and urgency
Irony of fulfilling your life dreams

Productivity Skill 4-5: Goal setting & planning how you will achieve those goals

Introduction to goal setting
Example of goals
Put numbers next to wishes
Business plan the goals
Exercise: create visuals of your goals
Ego-based mental trap that will make you pursue mis-goals or wrong goals
Don’t listen to people who say you can’t and all their reasons why not
Why new years resolutions don’t work

Productivity Skill 6: Motivation

Introduction to motivation
Exercise: solidifying your habit from previous exercise
Checklist for motivation through work-life balance and avoiding burnout
My long-term motivation case studies and how you can use it too right away
Examples of two tasks with equal motivation but different procrastination
15 short-term things you can do to get more motivation TODAY!
Example of how you can be motivated and not motivated as an entrepreneur

Productivity Skill 7-8: Physiology & physical state – sleep, diet, exercise

Your sleep
New sleep research
Exercise and diet
Studies on exposure to natural light and fresh air, our mood and Serotonin
Adjust colors of your workspace

Productivity Skills 9-11: Discipline, reversing procrastination, healthy habits

Procrastination is a habit
Before sitting down to do a task
Are you avoiding unpleasant tasks that you don’t want to do?
Fear of criticism?
Is perfectionism holding you back and making you not start?
Big idea people & people who work best with deadlines or accountability partners
A.D.H.D or disorganization?
Procrastination vs. prioritization and mindfulness
Study of procrastination apps
My own case study

Productivity Skills 12-14: Time management, focus, eliminating interruptions

Eliminating interruptions when someone wants to chat
Learning to say NOOOOOO is productive
Create room and time for psychological space and declutter your mind space

Productivity Skills 15-16: I.Q & Emotional Intelligence

What is I.Q
Free IQ test – see if you can beat me
What is Mensa and how to join
Limitations of I.Q and what’s next
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
Five-step formula for controlling your own emotions
Controlling initial reactions
Emotional awareness exercise
E.Q test you can take
Emotion checklist
Managing anger in an emotionally intelligent way
Few more points on anger
Handling dejection, disappointment, or frustration
Managing fear
Managing enthusiasm
Conclusion of the emotional intelligence section
Emotions & experience: How they affect each other

Productivity Skill 17: Decision making

Introduction to decision-making
Covey’s time management matrix from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Biology of decision making, moods, and impulsiveness

Productivity Skill 18: Logic and and logical fallacies

Inductive and deductive reasoning
Ad Hominem
Surrounding yourself with similars
The twisted argument
Irrelevant argument
Argument from lack of knowledge
Case studies can be misleading
Blindly trusting old assumptions
Correlation does not imply causation
Wishful thinking
Being uncomfortable with having negative thoughts
Non-confrontation and giving into bullies and threat of anger
Political correctness
Power of slogan
Can’t disprove a negative
Group belonging confusion
Statistics vs. case studies
Ontology, Epistemology, and bias

Productivity Skill 19: Memory and intelligence

Connection of memory and intelligence, and how it relates to productivity

Productivity Skill 20: How to be more wise and worldly

What is wisdom
How to become more worldly

Productivity Skill 21: Boosting your creativity

Introduction to creativity
Other sources and perspectives on creativity
Nine dot puzzle exercise and challenge to think creatively
Creativity exercise – 6th answer exercise
Exercise: What can you do with a random item?
Creativity correlation to expertise

Productivity Skill 22: Brainstorming & creative problem solving for productivity

Brainstorming and creative problem solving
The Socratic Method

Productivity Skill 23: Confidence and self-esteem

Confidence definition: Feeling of belief and empowerment
Immediately change confidence with body language – in seconds
Listen to internal conversations: Are you boosting or lowering your confidence?
Fear of failure or criticism
Law of attraction and confidence
The brain and having low confidence reinforced
Confidence per topic – uncover yours
Malcolm Gladwell and Outliers example
Practicing & improving at a small element at the root of low confidence
Confidence oscillation and building internal story
Technique: Visualizing result vs. hoping

Productivity Skill 24: Visualization techniques to boost confidence

Visualization techniques to boost confidence

Productivity Skill 25: Speed reading

Speed reading

Productivity Skill 26: Improving retention of what you learned

Improving retention of what you learned – retention skills

Productivity Skill 27: Note taking

Note taking techniques

Productivity Skill 28: Affirmations

What are affirmations and how to do them
Affirmation apps

Productivity Skill 29: Stress management, anxiety management

Note on this section
Cortisol & good stress vs. bad stress
Impact of stress on decision making
Four A’s of stress management and stress journal
Leading causes of stress
Immediate stress relievers in the moment
Stress is a choice – you have control
Coping technique: Reframe problems
Additional quick stress relief and management tips

Productivity Skill 30: Breathing exercise for relaxation and stress management

Breathing exercises

Productivity Skills 31-32: Productivity tools and apps & continuing education

Section introduction
TODO note taking apps and methods
Proper ways to make to-do lists
Pocket for bookmarking
Apps to block Facebook or time wasting sites
Two time tracking apps to track where you spend most of your time
Pomodoro app and Chrome plugin
Brain training games apps to increase work productivity
Headspace mindfulness app for overall life productivity
Social media automation
Problemio business apps made by the creator of this course

Productivity Skill 33: How to get help, getting coached and continuous education

4 apps to learn on the go: online courses, reading books, audio books, podcasts
How to find coaches and how to get coached

Trello productivity for team and project management

Section introduction and signing up for Trello
Creating a new board and inviting people to it
Working with tasks and creating todo lists
Starting to work with your team in Trello
Paid Trello options

Productivity Skill 34: Organizing your environment for a boost productivity

Organization section introduction
Everything must have its own place philosophy
Different types of organizers and shelves to store things
Desk organizers
Whiteboard to draw up big ideas and visualize projects
Standing desks and bike desks
Everything a reach away and few additional work area organzation tips
Should you eat at your desk?
Case study of reversing the eating at desk behavior with more focus & motivation
Something to try 5 minutes per day

Productivity Skill 35: Efficiency to help you boost productivity

Efficiency and automation section introduction
Every day things you can outsource and automate
My automation philosophy to business
Efficiency tips for how I wrote 14 books in 55 days
Efficiency tips in how I wrote one book and fully automated marketing
How to use video for most potential of repurposing content
How to efficiently set up for recording video/audio
Efficient code learning and how I made my apps
Project planning to be efficient and organized with outlines
What not to make efficient
Making communication more efficient

Productivity Skills 36-37: Business planning and avoiding derailing mistakes

Three sentence business plan
Business mistakes not to make

Productivity Skills 38-39: Hiring, outsourcing and delegation

Introduction to hiring, delegation and outsourcing for efficiency
Fiverr hiring
UpWork hiring

Productivity Skills 40-41: Leadership of yourself and leadership of others

What is leadership – definition
Five leadership styles from Brian Tracy
What is the difference between leadership and management
When to lead and when to manage
Your leadership evolution
Traits of leaders vs. managers

Productivity Skill 42: Management

Four management styles
Management and leadership for a company of one

Productivity Skills 43-44: Co-founders and team-building with employees

Partnering and business partners
Most important work relationship is of employee to boss
Team building – five (plus a bonus one) factors to employee happiness
Team building of getting employees to work better together
Common rewards and employee recognition
Don’t do’s

Productivity Skill 45: Creating business systems

Michael E. Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited
Example of building a business system

Productivity Skill 46: Meeting productivity

Introduction to meetings section
How to open the meeting in a productive way
Reasons now to take meetings and getting out of bad meetings
Managing the time/flow of the meeting during the meeting
Different seating arrangements
Status meeting: is your team on the same page? And other types of meetings
Should you do a free or discounted consultation call?

Productivity Skill 47: Getting and giving feedback for professional improvement

What exactly is correct feedback
Giving employee feedback
Situation Behavior Impact (SBI Model)
How to take feedback
If you have to give negative feedback

Productivity Skill 48: Listening skills and active listening

Listening mistakes
Active listening
Listening to and getting feedback, even if negative

Productivity Skill 49: Conflict management and resolution

Conflict management introduction
Conflict handling or conflict resolution styles
After conflict
Avoiding conflict during frustration from expectations or deadlines not met
Mindset and lesson to avoid conflict

Productivity Skill 50: Personal branding & reputation management using LinkedIn

LinkedIn as your reputation management on online resume
Professionally branding your 2 LinkedIn images
Managing your website listing on your contacts details
Updating your byline to promote your business or brand you
How to create a nice summary for your LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations
Fast way to get recommendations
Experience, publications, and other important sections of your LinkedIn profile
Five hundred contacts and managing your connection requests
Company page for branding and SEO citation
Participating in LinkedIn groups
Your LinkedIn feed


We are nearing the end of the course
Decisiveness: Start and stop planning & key to success from business literature
Bonus lecture: Next steps

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