10th CBSE Science/Physics Electricity ( Chapter 12: NCERT)

What you will learn


You will be able to find Electricity very easy


Learn with experienced and educated


All solved and unsolved covered with activities


Completing all board questions and flow chart with memory tricks.


This Course covers all your expectation, which includes:

  • All solved and unsolved NCERT and other important questions.

  • NCERT book exercise and activities with Audio-Visual explanation (Hands-on).

  • CBSE board exam papers.

  • Activity sheets.

  • Question-answer sheet can be easily downloaded and kept along with video lectures.

  • Flow-charts are the best part, along with the rich knowledgable content.

  • Notes are very significant and precisely written.

  • Short-cut tricks and memory tricks.

  • As teacher is having a rich experience of 12+ years of teaching, he is also having an experience of CBSE board papers checking, So, this course is designed as per the expectation of CBSE and the answer-key of CBSE board style.

  • Detailed Numerical is the best part of this course, which is mostly the lacking area of many students. Numerical of approx 5 marks (3 + 2) are the regular part of CBSE exam paper.

  • Detailed Activity of NCERT is included along with the topics, to consider the practical aspect and knowledge of children.

  • The entire exercise, blue box and extra questions are included for the students, notes are also provided along with the ppt.

  • Easy understandable language and HINDI explanation is the need of INDIAN students, as YouTube is a scattered platform, Udemy provides the best, so, we have tried to provide you the best knowledge.

  • Full NCERT is included for every state-board schools also, as all state boards are using this book. So, this lecture will help them out understanding concrete concepts.






Charge, current and potential

Charges – Basic properties of charges
Current – Moving charges with Time
Potential – Reason of flow of charges
Electrical Circuit and components


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